Terrorist’s Words

Hat Tip: Brian B./Larwyn

Landing Gear Mosque Being Bankrolled By Gentle, Spiritual Muslims

Politico Has A Nose For REAL News

Who wants to bet?

The Nightmare Gets Worse for An American Woman and Her Child Trapped In Bahrain

Tolerance Does Not Require Approval

A Mosque You Say? Images Some May Have Forgotten from September, 2001

A Revealing AP Slip? A Strange Stray Question Mark Appears in Report on Ground Zero Mosque Imam

Joe Klein & Matthews Link Anti-Muslim ‘Attitude’ to ‘Deranged Muslim’ Violence, Small-Town Whites Miss ‘Ethnic Purity’ of Past

Judith Miller Smacks Down Time and Ellis Henican Over American Islamophobia

3 thoughts on “Terrorist’s Words

  1. Notice Imam Rauf at the end of Pt. 2… the interview with him was apparently part of the series, but it looks like it was cut out.

    If anyone’s able to find it, please let us know.

  2. Thanks for finding it TMH!! He’s so evasive and appeared to have no problems with what E.D. Hill was showing him. Hopefully the 22% will wake up and begin to understand Imam Rauf’s intent.

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