Orienteering Lessons

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

Wednesday evenings is reserved for the 11 year-old Boy Scouts and this week’s lesson was an introduction to Orienteering, a chance to see if these young men understood how to use a compass and work with a map. I figured their imagination would kick in if I told them they were looking for treasure, kind of like finding a pirate’s map tucked away behind an old picture at a garage sale; remarkable how being the oldest 11 year-old in the group makes my job so much easier.

Pirate maps are hard to come by, so I took some time off in the middle of my work day to swing by the church in order to create an Orienteering course for the boys to use that evening. My sister sent me an inexpensive compass several years ago and all I needed was to map out a path which could be followed using easily identifiable landmarks.

There I was charting how many paces ESE, then 23 paces N and so on, my wandering around both inside the church and along the parking lot next to the softball field, when a friend took notice of my activity. We talked about how much the boys would learn from the experience and it was then my friend reminded me of how it helped him when he was in the military.

He’d been involved in scouting early in his life and knew how to read contour lines marking elevation changes. The lessons he’d learned as a young man helped him understand map notations and how to measure distances in rough terrain. Orienteering skills have value long after the boys leave the Scouting program.

I too remembered having used some of the same skills while on a combat course in the Army. It was a long time ago and most of the details elude my memory. One lesson learned on the combat Orienteering course came to mind almost immediately; make sure you finish the course.

The team of soldiers I worked with did an excellent job navigating through planned distractions and pitfalls. We spotted all the booby traps, snipers and charted a safe path through hostile territory for our patrol. Our field training officer congratulated us for having accomplished our mission; collecting our clear plastic visors and ear protectors as he directed us to a table where we would be debriefed.

We collectively breathed a healthy sigh of relief as we walked down the path leading to the table; we’d relaxed a little early. One of us caught a trip wire and set off an ear crippling blast that sent us all to the ground. The lesson our field training officer wanted to drive home, “It ain’t over until you’re home sleeping in your own bed.”

The Scouts all laughed as the story was told and they eagerly lined up, map and compass in hand, to find the pirate’s treasure. The directions had been written in paces rather than standard distances so I explained how they would need to figure out how much distance was involved, either walking or running since that would alter things considerably.

It was fun watching them huddle up around the compass holder, some wandering one way while the rest bolted along a different compass heading. This was a team event and they all had to work together, sometimes going back nearly to the starting point to figure our where they’d gone astray.

Eventually they found the “X” on the map; but were confused, “So, where’s the treasure?” A couple of the boys were wandering all over the softball field while others moved a large chunk of tree limb thinking it might be hidden underneath.

One boy asked about the instructions on the map as he read aloud, “Look around for treasure, have key handy. What key?” I smiled and reached into my pocket for my keys. I’d placed an old padlock halfway up the chain link fence for them to find. All the boys were excited at having turned the key in the padlock.

“What kind of treasure do we get?,” a reasonable question.

“Knowledge.” I went on to explain how these skills would be handy later in life. I then explained that I’d brought Tootsie Roll Pops as a special treat; each boy got to finish the evening with a bit of tangible satisfaction.

Are we all not on a similar Orienteering course, this mortal journey taking us through rough terrain with pitfalls and snares? Just when we think we’ve made it, up pops yet another challenge. Many have trouble and wish they had better instructions while others complain the instructions are vague or don’t seem to apply to their specific problems. Some don’t even know where to find these instructions. A few grow complacent as they near what they perceive to be their goal, a Life of Riley, free from the rat race where it’s time to relax, enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Many relax too soon, not having learned the lesson, “It ain’t over until you’re home sleeping in your own bed.” The doctrine might be more familiar if I changed the wording a bit, “Endure to the end.” Our compass is the Iron Rod and our map, the scriptures.

We are promised great blessings if we endure to the end, follow the commandments and learn to do things the Lord’s way. Isn’t it amazing what you can learn from a simple Boy Scout lesson on Orienteering? You’ll have to get your own Tootsie Roll Pop; mine were spoken for, oh well.

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Soros/Obama/Democrat Connected “Veterans Group” Backs “Ground Zero Mosque”

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

A high powered and well connected “veterans group” has issued a letter backing “Park 51,” the Islamic community center and mosque proposed for Lower Manhattan – the popularly known “Ground Zero Mosque.”

According to Joel Wendland, himself an army veteran and editor of the Communist Party USA news site Peoples’ World, the organization VoteVets.org, believes that the proposed mosque should be supported on Constitutional grounds and will serve to enhance U.S. national security in the long term.

According to an August 26 Wendland article in the World:

Authored by VoteVets.org, an organization that advocates for veterans’ issues and supports veterans for elected office, the letter urged the Park 51 organizers not to abandon the project.

In addition the letter asked the group to circulate the letter to any interested party,” so they know that veterans like us see this as an important issue of our very Constitution and our national security.”

The veterans cited their sworn oath as members of the military “to uphold the Constitution” as a basic reason for their support for the project.

The letter noted the hypocrisy of the opponents of the project:

“For all the talk these days from some quarters about the importance of protecting the Constitution and allowing the free market to work unfettered, those same people are fighting against your community’s right to buy property and worship freely. Our duty to protect the Constitution didn’t end when our service did. It’s up to us to stand up for the right for all Americans to enjoy the Constitutional freedoms that so many around the world don’t have. So, we are standing up for you.”

Protection of the rights of all Americans to practice their faith in the manner of their choosing would also “deal a blow to the propaganda of al Qaeda and Islamist extremists, who recruit on the talking point that the United States is in a war against Islam.”

Finally, the letter noted that taking a stand on behalf of the Constitution promotes the safety of U.S. military forces abroad.

“As veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan,” it concluded, “we believe the construction of your community center isn’t ‘anti-America’ at all. In fact, building your community center is about as pro-America as one can get.

For the full statement go here.

Who are these patriots, taking such a noble stand for the U.S. Constitution and the safety and security of America’s troops and citizenry?

While professing to be a non-partisan group, it appears that almost all of VoteVets.org’s supported candidates are Democrats. The group’s Political Action Committee is charged with seeking to elect Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans to public office – “regardless of party.”

However, between 2006 and 2010 VoteVets.org gave $228,700 to Democratic Party candidates and only $15,100 to Republican candidates.

Also, many VoteVets.org personnel have ties to the Obama Administration, the Democratic Party, the Democrat aligned and the George Soros funded Center for American Progress and in one case, directly to the Soros Open Society Institute.

Obama Administration connections include:

  • Kayla Williams of the Senior Advisory Board of VoteVets.org, and writer for VetVoice (VoteVet.org’s online newsletter) works for Obama appointee, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Eric K. Shinseki
  • Jim Mowrer of the Senior Advisory Board of VoteVets.org served as the State Veterans Director for Senator Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. He is currently an assistant organizer of the Iowa Democratic Veterans Caucus

Democrat connected personnel include:

  • Alex Cornell du Houx of the Senior Advisory Board of VoteVets.org serves as the National Council Chair for the College Democrats of America and was formally the co-president of the Maine College Democrats
  • David F. Everett of the Senior Advisory Board of VoteVets.org works for Democratic Congresswoman Nita Lowey, who is supported by Council for a Livable World and SEIU.
  • Joe Kramer of the Senior Advisory Board of VoteVets.org has worked for Democrat Jim Ferlo, State Rep for PA.
  • J. Ashwin Madia, Vice-Chairman of VoteVets.org was a Democratic nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives for Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District.
  • Miranda Norman of the Senior Advisory Board of VoteVets.org has become active in local Democratic politics. She currently serves as the Secretary for the Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee, served as a delegate to the Young Democrats of America National Convention, and is a member of the University of Oklahoma College Democrats
  • Miguel A. Sapp of the Senior Advisory Board of VoteVets.org has worked as chief of staff and legislative director for Congressional Progressive Caucus member, Sheila Jackson-Lee. In addition he has served as an attorney for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

Open Society Institute connected personnel include:

  • Matthew Alexander (pseudonym) writes for VoteVets.org online project VetVoice. He is a former senior military interrogator. He led an interrogation team in Iraq that located Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, the former Al Qaida leader, who was killed in a subsequent airstrike. He has conducted more than 300 interrogations and supervised more than 1,000. Alexander has served for 17 years in the Air Force and Air Force Reserves. Alexander is a fellow at the Open Society Institute.

At least four members of VoteVets.org’s Board of Advisors are also involved with the Center for American Progress:

  • General Wesley K. Clark (ret.) is an author of the books Winning Modern Wars and Waging Modern War, published by PublicAffairs Books, which has also published authors such as George Soros. Wesley Clark has served as a Trustee of the Center for American Progress and was a 2008 Democratic party presidential hopeful.
  • Elaine C. Kamarck is a Lecturer in Public Policy, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Kennedy School, Harvard University. In the 1980s, Kamarck was one of the founders of the New Democrat movement that helped elect Bill Clinton president. She served in the White House from 1993 to 1997, where she created and managed the Clinton Administration’s National Performance Review, also known as reinventing government. In 1979 she was involved with Democratic Agenda, an attempt by socialist leader Michael Harrington (founder of Democratic Socialists of America) to move the Democratic Party to the left. Lamarck serves on the Advisory Board of the Center for American Progress.
  • Bob Kerrey, a former Democratic Party Senator from Nebraska and a Trustee of the Center for American Progress
  • Lawrence J. Korb, a Fellow of the Center for American Progress

The “Ground Zero Mosque” issue has divided America. Pro mosque “progressives” are on the defensive against a huge groundswell of public opinion against the project.

Is the call by VoteVets.org, for Park 51 to go ahead, a genuine attempt to shed light on the issue by calling for tolerance and extending an olive branch to moderate Islam?

Or is it a cynical ploy by the Obama Administration and its allies, to take some heat out of the issue, by using “veterans” as cover for what is essentially a “progressive” agenda?

Americans rightly respect their veterans and tend to listen to their opinions. Would the public be happy to know that VoteVets.org was connected to both President Barack Obama and the not-so-popular George Soros?

Do they really want to be on the same side as the Communist Party USA on this issue?

The former servicemen and women of VoteVets.org are genuine veterans, but are their paymasters genuine patriots?

Should VoteVets.org’s opinions on this issue be respected? Or should Americans view them as little but cynical propaganda from quarters who have previously shown little regard for the U.S. Constitution, national security, or the well-being of American troops in the field?