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In President Obama’s Labor Day speech he claimed that under President Bush, “Companies were rewarded with tax breaks for creating jobs overseas.” Oh really? Facts are inconvenient things… let’s take a look at who is doing more to “stimulate” other countries…

USAID for international/foreign assistance totals $173.5 BILLION, spent by President Obama and his Democrat-controlled Congress. The breakdown is as follows:

  • FY2010 = $90.6 BILLION (60% increase since FY 2008)
  • FY2009 = $82.9 BILLION (47% increase since FY 2008)

What did President Bush spend in FY2008? $56.5 BILLION. How about FY2006? $49.7 BILLION.

The $173.5 BILLION does not include funds that went to other countries via the $862 BILLION stimulus bill or many other “projects” the President and Democrats are financing overseas to create jobs in those countries.

In 20 months, President Obama has added $3.5 TRILLION to our national debt; it took Bush 8 years and 2 wars to add $4.2 TRILLION. Unemployment is at 9.6%; it was 7.4% when President Obama took office.

So rather than create an environment conducive to job creation in America, the President and Democrats are sending a record-breaking amount of our hard-earned tax dollars overseas to stimulate job creation there.

INSULT TO INJURY: Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, it did. The President and Democrats are giving American jobs – right here in the U.S.A. – to foreign and illegal workers.

Roy Beck’s article, “DEFENDERS & DESERTERS of JOBLESS AMERICANS: We name the ’50 Worst Deserters’ Today,” spells it out for us and names names.

“During the last two years of a virtual jobs depression, these Worst 50 led Congress:

  • …in allowing the addition of another 75,000 permanent working-age immigrants every MONTH
  • …and in allowing about 7 million illegal foreign workers to keep their jobs in construction, service, manufacturing and transportation.

Recent government data show that 22 million U.S. workers who want a job can’t find one. But these 50 Members of Congress deserted those Americans in favor of increasing the number of foreign workers competing with them in the hiring line.

Here are the “50 WORST;” not surprising that Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Harry Reid (D-NV) are on the list:

In the Senate

In the House

Is there a brave journalist who will ask the President and the Democratic Party, “Since your actions show that you are not on the side of the American people, exactly whose side are you on?” Another burning question, “Did those work visa’s come with voter registration cards?”


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Islam Rising

Hat Tip: Brian B./Jean Stoner

ClockWorxOrange | March 18, 2010

The trailer to the new documentary from PRB Films.

Geert Wilders lives with a constant death threat over his head. Al-Qaeda has vowed to kill him. As a Dutch parliamentarian and outspoken critic of radical Islam, Mr. Wilders must travel with four bodyguards and sleep in a safe house, each and every night.

His short documentary film, Fitna set off a firestorm in the Middle East and Western Europe immediately upon its release. The controversial film showed how Islamic terrorists are following the literal dictations of the Quran.

That message can be seen here in this DVD, with striking clarity in film, photographs and a special message from Geert Wilders himself, who came to America with an urgent and terrifying warning: “Islam is on the verge of conquering the West.”

Order the Video at: www.IslamRising.com

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Donating to Rebuild Christchurch

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

So many of you have been emailing, Tweeting and sending messages on Facebook, asking if there’s any way you can help in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake which took place here in Christchurch at 4:30 am on September 4, 2010.

The Salvation Army, the Red Cross and the City Mission are doing so much to help, with setting up and running the three welfare centers around Christchurch. People evacuated from their homes now have a wonderful support network, warm clothes, food, clean water, power and shelter.

Those of you wishing to contribute to the Red Cross Earthquake Fund, please click here and choose “Canterbury Earthquake Appeal.” Thankyou!