Financial News Update – 09/12/10

Our Debt Is More Than All the Money in the World (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

CBO Predicts U.S. Debt Crisis If Deficits Are Not Controlled (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Thomas Edison, You’re Under Arrest (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Boehner Bends on Extending Bush Tax Cuts

Top Obama Official: Record Unemployment Not Coming Down Anytime Soon

Poverty Skyrockets Under Obama – People Too Poor to Bury Their Dead Worst. President. Ever.

SEIUs Anna Burger to Retire

Thanks Barack… US Debt Is More Than All Money In the World

Poverty on track to post record gain under Obama

Outlook Gloomy at Secret Billionaire Meeting


‘Unpaid pay czar’ got 6-figure salary

Obama’s Econ Chief: Big Earner Tax Cuts Too Pricey

U.S. Backs $1B Loan For Mexico Oil Drilling


Rosenberg: Here Are 13 Signs That We’re Actually in a Depression Right Now.

Michael Burry is Long Farmable Land, and Agrees With Paulson on Gold (But Not the Other “Recovery” Themes).

Americans Saving More as Debt, Job Worries Mount.

“I Want Your Money” Official HD Movie Trailer.

Celente: Market Self-Deception Continues on the Flimsiest of Excuses

Fed Banks: ‘Widespread Signs of Deceleration’ in Economy

Obama Added More to National Debt in First 19 Months than all Presidents from Washington to Reagan

US Loses Ground in Competitiveness Report

Consumer Credit in US Fell $3.6 Billion in July, Fed Says

OECD Cuts Global Economic Growth Forecasts

Debts Build Ugly Stress Between Parents, Kids

After a two week interlude (including a Holiday weekend), the FDIC Friday Follies have resumed, with the announced closure of Horizon Bank, Bradenton, Florida.

Treasurys Tumble Following Weak 30-Year Sale. The rate of return on Treasury paper are bound to rise, and that will push up prevailing interest rates, and that in turn will further slow the economy, including home sales. We are poised to enter a death spiral, folks. Watch interest rates and the US Dollar Index (USDI) closely! If rates spike or the USDI drops below 72, consider those big red flags!

Dollar struggles, hovers near 15-year low versus yen.

Fears rise as EU nations aim to raise borrowing

So Broke We Can’t Pay Attention

Obama’s Economic Plan Not a Hit With Economists

Greek Prime Minister Shuffles Cabinet as New Economic Fears Loom

Dr. Gary North: Federal Reserve’s Digital Bullets Kept an Reserve to Fight Inflation Hedging Mentality

Darryl Schoon: Gold, and the Future Way Through Economic Collapse

Today’s Most Important Price Points in Gold Update

Trade Deficit Narrows to $42.8 Billion in July

Grocery Shrink Ray Minimizes My Brownies

Getting ready for more inflation? One can only wonder why the US Postal Service now requires SDR valuation calculations for insured international shipments.

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