Following in the Footsteps of Monsters

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

I watched Glenn Beck today and it was truly an eye opener when comparing Hitler’s ascension to power and what is occurring today. Yep, I know… So many have told me I can’t bring up Hitler and gasp! I certainly cannot compare him to Obama or the UN. Watch me…

From the Founding Patriots:

Kitty Wirthmann was 12 years old when Hitler came to power in Germany. She pointed out the following progression under Hitler’s Nationalization:

1. The radio stations.
2. The banks.
3. The auto industry.
4. The schools.
5. The healthcare industry.

See a similarity here?

What Kitty experienced is being repeated today. We have seen our banks, schools, healthcare, auto industry – and soon to come through the Fairness Doctrine or some flavor of it – the media nationalized to one degree or another.

We have Progressive Marxists following Hitler’s game plan:

  • Al Gore has told our children that they are smarter than their parents.
  • Jim Wallis has pushed the gospel through Marxism.
  • Nancy Pelosi is using religious leaders and the pulpit to co-opt the church to support illegal immigration.
  • Obama gathered pastors together and told them to preach healthcare from the pulpit.
  • Obama has pushed the state as the one to look up to, that he himself is the one to follow over God and that collective salvation is the way to go.

If you have the children, you can rule the world. Our government is following in the footsteps of monsters and if we don’t vote; if we don’t do all we can to stop this, the horrific past will repeat itself and this time on American soil.

Can we have forgotten so soon what a monster Hitler was? Why then, are we letting evil people do exactly what he did? Maybe in a different order, maybe to varying degrees, but the SAME horrific precepts are being foisted on Americans today and if left unchecked, they will undoubtedly end the same way. In the death of millions and the destruction of our country.

Vote this November and watch your children and your church. Don’t believe what the State tells you. Believe in God and what is right, no matter the cost.

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