Van Jones on Prop 23, Koch, and the Tea Parties

Hat Tip: Brian B.

More propaganda from Van Jones. Outright lies against the Tea Party and American business. This video is from Think Progress – I’m not surprised. A Marxist and a Marxist group pushing fascist, totalitarian dogma. It’s like playing Whack a Commie, they just won’t ever go away – they always pop back up somewhere from there dark Progressive holes with their evil minions….

Update: Capital Rivals: Koch Brothers vs. George Soros

3 thoughts on “Van Jones on Prop 23, Koch, and the Tea Parties

  1. Van Jones says, “extreme”? Useful idiot Van Jones is a real piece of work.

    Van Jones Video Collection Montage – Obama’s self admitted Communist Green Jobs Czar

    Van Jones Give them the Wealth. Give the indians the wealth.

    Van Jones: Only “Suburban White Kids” Shoot up Schools

    Van Jones portrays Bush as a “crackhead”

    Van Jones: Bush used the Flag to “Lynch” War Dissenters

    Glenn Beck exposes Color of Change co-founder Van Jones

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