O’Donnell vs. Coons – Tea Party Patriot & the Bearded Marxist

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

In an appearance in Delaware today at the Tea Party Express Tour, Christine O’Donnell rocked the stage in her epic fight to banish Chris Coons, the bearded Marxist/Progressive, in the Delaware Senate race.

The battle really boils down to what you value in your state leadership: morality and ethics or collectivism and Progressive policies. O’Donnell embodies American values, while Coons embodies greedy, power-hungry elite arrogance. Delawareans – choose carefully…

• Whereas O’Donnell may have played with the concept of witchcraft while a teenager, Coons studied it at Yale Divinity School as an adult. Don’t believe me? Look it up… He wants to bring these values into our government.

• O’Donnell is for very limited government. Coons is for uber, overreaching government. The more regulation and control the better.

• O’Donnell is pro-second amendment, Coons – not so much. He gets a failing grade from the NRA and the NRA is supporting O’Donnell.

• O’Donnell has a real grasp on the Constitution. Coons doesn’t have a clue, except when it comes to rewriting said Constitution.

• O’Donnell is pro-life. Coons is pro-choice with a 100% rating from NARAL. Gee, I wonder if Coons is also pro-eugenics?

• Coons is against privatizing Social Security. Yep, he’ll just keep on spending and pretend that Social Security and Medicaid are not insolvent. Instead of making big boy decisions, he’ll just ignore the problem until the government cannot print enough money to pay entitlements any more. Then everyone will be screwed, except the elite who will have quietly taken care of their own.

• Coons’ family business stands to make millions off Cap and Trade legislation as it is passed. He is the embodiment of a corrupt, greedy, grasping elitist.

• Coons’ traveled to Africa and volunteered for organizations that actively promote Black Liberation Theology. O’Donnell is a committed Christian who lives by the ideals she believes in.

• O’Donnell believes in cutting taxes AND spending. Coons believes in the redistribution of wealth – a classic tenet of Progressive dogma. He would do this by raising taxes massively.

Chris Coons was sued for using his County position to harass, defame and intimidate attorney Thomas S. Neuberger (Plaintiff), a Delaware citizen who was investigating government corruption. What do you think he’ll do to others who get in his way?

• Coons supports the healthcare legislation recently passed. O’Donnell stands solidly against it and would help repeal it.

• Coons has the support of all the big unions, radicals and revolutionaries in the United States. O’Donnell has the support of the Tea Party Patriots.

• Coons supports and promotes the dictates of the UN and their globalist agenda. O’Donnell promotes American sovereignty and freedom.

Ask yourself, is a man who wrote a paper as a Bearded Marxist, fit to command the helm of the great state of Delaware? Is a Progressive who promotes a one-world government, wealth redistribution and collectivism who you really want as your leader in the US Senate? The choice is clear… Choose O’Donnell who is a patriot and a good person or choose Coons who is an elitist and what I consider to be a less than ideal American in every respect that counts. Who can you relate more to? Someone who has been through hard financial times like most of America has, or someone who can only relate to the wealthy and vested interests of Barack Obama and George Soros? Time to choose and our country, our lives and our children’s lives depend on your choice. Time to man up and vote…

NoisyRoom has posted a number of articles on Coons that you can read and they are listed below… For an in depth look at the bearded Marxist, visit our research at KeyWiki.



By: AJ

Partial Credit: iOwnTheWorld and Maksim- iMaksim.com – ThePeoplesCube.com

Liberal activist Allan Muller of the “Green Delaware” organization writes, “This is about evil”… “and the person currently causing our problems, New Castle County Executive Chris Coons, wants to be a United States Senator and apparently has the support of many people who don’t know what he really is. A key point I want to make is that Coons, a rich boy with a law degree and a Master’s in Ethics from Yale Divinity School, is actually a much nastier, more manipulative, more dangerous, more special-interest-serving person than his thuggish predecessor Tom Gordon.” Jon Moseley broke this story in Lawsuits of CHRIS COONS for TRAMPLING political rights of Delaware citizens.

In Allan Muller’s blog post evil in a small place, he writes about how he was harassed by Chris Coons because his political activism wasn’t in agreement with Chris Coons’ views.

Only now, two days before the election, are we learning of the evil and dangerous power Chris Coons thrusts onto citizens of Delaware.

Four lawsuits have been filed against Chris Coons and now we’re learning about what he’s done to Allan Muller. I can only wonder what else we don’t yet know about Chris Coons.

If Chris Coons harasses citizens as a County Executive, we can only imagine what he will do to citizens of Delaware if he’s elected Senator. He has already said that he’ll support the agenda of the D.C. Elites. It’s clear that he’ll have no regard for Delawareans when he votes as a Senator on Capital Hill. His allegiance is to himself and those in power, not to Delawareans.



O’Donnell Prepares to Rock the Stage In Delaware

She will be appearing shortly and celebrities such as Michael Johns and Tammy Bruce are already there. Tune into Liberty.com to watch live…

I really believe that Coons and Obama are both fearful that O’Donnell will pull this off. They have pulled out all the stops to campaign in Delaware over the next couple of days. Please attend the rally if you can and donate to O’Donnell if you can as well… Support the Tea Party Express!


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What We Saw at the Stewart-Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity

Hat Tip: Bob McCarty

The people interviewed are strictly koo-koo for Cocoa Puffs… It feels like San Francisco in terms of the crazies and the hate.

ReasonTV | October 30, 2010

Reason.tv was on hand for the Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear hosted by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert at the National Mall in Washington on Saturday, October 30, 2010.

The crowd was huge, the weather fine, the signs memorable, and the people…well, let’s just say they were there too. Some were apolitical and just out for a fun day, some were big fans of Comedy Central’s best-known personalities, some were inadvertent dadaists, and more than a few defined sanity strictly in terms of heartily agreeing with themselves.

Approximately 6 minutes long. Shot and edited by Jim Epstein and Meredith Bragg, with assistance from Josh Swain. Interviews by Michael C. Moynihan and Nick Gillespie. With help from June Arunga.

Go to http://reason.tv for HD, iPod and audio versions of this video and subscribe to Reason.tv’s YouTube channel to receive automatic notification when new material goes live.

Go to http://www.youtube.com/user/ReasonTV#… for our coverage of all the recent DC rallies.

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