Political DNA Expanded

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

Every now and then somebody drops a challenge into the comment section of an article which begs for more than a simple reply. One such entry was left at my blog site after posting “Political DNA?” under the moniker “h8.” The article suggested recent “scientific” evidence has identified, ‘“the liberal gene,” DRD4 is the first specific bit of human DNA that predisposes people to certain political views, the study’s authors claim.”’

h8 wrote, “Oh my god, you just referenced a movie from the 90’s to claim that Obama hates conservatives so much that he’s going to genetically breed them out of existence having now made himself a totalitarian leader not bound by the constitution.”

I did indeed reference a line from a movie from the 90’s, a line which expresses the author’s justifiable concerns regarding applications of scientific theory. Michael Crichton earned a medical degree from Harvard Medical School and wrote the book Jurassic Park as a cautionary novel. Issues brought out in the genre of fiction are none the less valid and apply to fringe areas of scientific theory which are considered cutting edge in today’s real world environment.

Who would have thought abortion would be common place in a predominantly Christian society? Life is sacred and yet far too many have accepted the “scientific” description of life as that moment which occurs only after a fetus is outside the womb and taken its first breath. That was only the beginning since many abortion clinics extended their “window of opportunity” far past that first breath and considered an unwanted pregnancy as justification for ending it, even if the birth was completed and life had been established. What’re a few breaths of life if nobody is willing to stop the butchery?

The idea of embryonic stem cell research came along with its promises of miracle cures for a variety of ills; one more reason to ignore abortion since so many people might benefit from the ignominious lump of flesh resembling human form. Folks plagued by incurable circumstances would sell their souls to the Devil for a chance, remote as it might be, for a cure; after all, it’s only a fetus.

If you consider other nations, China and North Korea come to mind easily, where the sex of an unborn child is taken into consideration prior to permitting that child to be born, the idea of having a totalitarian government decide the outcome of pregnancies and the order of life in society becomes rather frightening. It isn’t too far fetched, considering the path America is on, to see social constructs arriving at similar atrocities in the not too distant future if we permit breeches of our constitution to be ignored.

If we accept the “scientific” premise as offered, that the human genome contains a “liberal” gene, it isn’t much of a step to include as an eventuality the establishment of containment boards to insure either the proliferation of such offspring or their eventual destruction. Hence, my quote from the mind of Michael Crichton:

“Don’t you see the danger…inherent in what you’re doing here? Genetic power is the most awesome force the planet’s ever seen; but you wield it like a kid that’s found his dad’s gun. Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether of not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

This is a plea for restraint, as if the collective soul of humanity had observed and commented on what has transpired. We have already witnessed the unfolding agenda of the Obama administration and can reasonably conclude those in positions of leadership do not have the best interests of America in their hearts or minds as they go about the destruction of liberties established by God. (I almost forgot, h8 used a lower case “g” in his original comment; an interesting statist mindset which denies His divine nature).

There’s evidence to suggest the government apparatus which would be used to determine America’s future is already in place. The “scientific” and political machine is the result of a carefully orchestrated altering of health care and all that is associated within the scope of those terms.

Dr. Dave Janda, MD, an orthopedic surgeon and a world-recognized expert on the prevention of sports injuries, outlined how health care as we know it will hardly be recognizable due to political middlemen such as The National Coordinator For Health Information and Technology and The Federal Coordinating Council For Comparative Effectiveness Research. You may not be familiar with these positions as they have been given a low profile.

If you’ve done your homework regarding Obama’s so-called Health Care Reform legislation, you’d know the first part of the package was installed with money from the Stimulus Package, not the two thousand page monstrosity which Nancy Pelosi so eloquently told us, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” The Federal Coordinating Council For Comparative Effectiveness Research was already put in place by Obama and funded with a huge budget, somewhere around a billion dollars before congress ever passed Health Care Reform. Bet you didn’t know that; just another bill they never read.

Put that together with Obama’s plans to have a national military organization to insure a proper police presence and red flags (hammer and sickle) should be waving all over the place. Americans must be able to read past the fancy political pap and smoke screens intended to hide the apparatus of enslavement and tyranny, or we will surely become victims of our own neglect. Our constitution was divinely inspired and implemented in order to prevent government from doing exactly what has taken place over the past sixty years or so; but significantly accelerated recently, a never ending encroachment upon individual liberties all in the name of progress. Enough!

This article has been cross-posted to The Moral Liberal, a publication whose banner reads, “Defending The Judeo-Christian Ethic, Limited Government & The American Constitution.”


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