By: Fern Sidman

A conversation with Rabbi Nachum Shifren.

So, what’s a nice Orthodox rabbi doing in California politics? According to TEA Party candidate, Rabbi Nachum Shifren (R), “I’ve thrown my hat in the political ring and am running for the California State Senate in the 26th district because like many others, I’m outraged by the far reaching tentacles of big government and it’s destructive effect on our individual rights and liberties.”

This Southern California native is not only an Orthodox rabbi, but is also a disciplined athlete and a big wave surfer. His 2001 autobiography, “Surfing Rabbi: A Kabbalistic Quest for Soul,” describes his circuitous journey from rebellious teenage surfer to a life committed to Torah and mitzvos.

Having been employed in the California educational system for the last 22 years, RabbI Shifren is well acquainted with the monolithic bureaucracy that has come to define state politics and has “strangled the life” out of its students and citizens.

“There is a significant lack of leadership on both the state and national levels in this country and our young people are suffering the most. We have neglected to establish any standards of accountability and responsibility; there are no benchmarks for success and we have abysmally failed in motivating students to succeed,” Rabbi Shifren declared. “During my years of teaching and counseling in the prison system as well, I have worked with diverse and challenging student populations of our great state. I have taught them the values of persistence, diligence and hard work and have encouraged them to strive for educational excellence, rather than being pushed through the system without meriting it,” he said.

Regarding his plans for the revivification of California’s now fledgling economy, Rabbi Shifren intones, “California is the most heavily taxed state in the country and thus we are the paradigm for the Nanny State, where the Big Brother government purportedly has all the answers. This state is replete with elected officials who are advocates of big government and unbridled spending. I propose that we lower taxes; do away with the capital gains taxes and other taxes that drive away business from the state. If ever there was a recipe for destroying a state, then it’s the present model being played out in Sacramento. In order to stem the panicked flight of industry, small businesses and high tech companies from our shores to places beyond, we must have an economic Marshall Plan in place. Only when there is an atmosphere of business-friendly relations, lower taxes and burdens, giving companies incentives for bringing their wealth to us, will we be able to survive.”

Problems arising from illegal immigration has plagued the Golden State for decades and Rabbi Shifren is a stalwart advocate for preserving the English language and value system. “Each of us has a culture, a language, a different background that will never be erased or compromised. Yet, for all of us to work together for the good of our country, there must be a cohesive element that we all buy into for the sake of the whole. Here they are: our constitution, our Bill of Rights and our English language. These are what makes us Americans and the loosening of these bonds will eradicate the very glue that our American forefathers fought and died for,” he said.

Turning to foreign affairs, Rabbi Shifren offered his views on the Obama administration’s position on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process by saying, “For Obama to say that settlements are an obstacle to peace in the Middle East is beyond absurd. Just remember, there were no settlements in 1948, or 1956 or in 1967 and there was no peace. The current administration is playing with fire in its attempts to pressure Israel to make even more territorial concessions to her sworn enemies, because a weakened and indefensible Israel is tantamount to an America that will be more vulnerable to terrorist attacks and enemy onslaught. What the president doesn’t understand is the mentality of the Arab nations. If you appear strong you will be respected, but if you appear weak you will be despised and now America appears weak, in large part due to Obama’s obsequious stance as it pertains to US relations with Islamic countries.”



By: AJ

When I heard that Delaware ’s Channel 28 failed to run Christine O’Donnell’s 30 minute ad on Sunday night – and again on Monday morning, I emailed the Channel 28 staff. Their Production Manager, David ‘Daps’ Reinert, responded to me relatively quickly. Here’s what he said:

“From: Daps [email protected]
Sent: Mon, November 1, 2010 9:10:22 AM

First of all, you have no idea what the situation is or what has happened and you do not know me from Adam. I do not appreciate such a judgment of myself or my business based on ignorance of what is the reality. We only provide Comcast with the programs to be aired. It is out of our hands at that point. Now, that being said, the edited program did not enter my possesion until 9:30pm Sunday night. It was originally agreed to be to me on Friday at 5:30pm. Even if it was delayed until Saturday afternoon, no problems would have arisen, however, at Sunday night, we are relying on the underpaid employees at Comcast to do things that they are in any way required to do. These are things that the O’Donnell camp were not aware of when arranging the air time. But again, the program was supposed to be ready much much earlier. I worked the entire weekend with the O’Donnell camp and I personally did not offer my services to not see the project fail. So, in closing, I have no problems looking at myself in the morning because I do my job and I do it well. And as far as political alliances go, that is really none of your business, but since I have started, you can rest assured that I am a registered non-partisan citizen, and personally have no plans on voting, nor do I have any inclination to damage either parties campaigns.”

Make note of the fact that the only “situation” I knew of was that Channel 28 failed to fulfill their contract with Christine O’Donnell; they did not run her ad during the agreed upon time slots. And they failed to communicate to the O’Donnell campaign that the ad would not be run.

Later the same day, Tim Qualls, Channel 28 Executive Producer, came out with a statement as reported by Bluegrass Pundit:

“Tim Qualls, executive producer at Channel 28, said in an interview the ad did not air because O’Donnell’s campaign did not bring a tape to the production studio by the agreed upon deadline. She reserved the time on Thursday, for $2,500, and agreed to bring a tape by Friday at 5 p.m., Qualls said.

Tim Qualls also said he was a Republican who planned to vote for O’Donnell until the ad controversy.

He said he is a Republican and had planned to vote for O’Donnell, but the tape situation changed his mind. “She’s lost my vote,” Qualls said.

Qualls does his own show on Channel 28 called ‘The Tim Qualls Show.’ On August 27, 2010, Qualls interviewed Chris Coons. Coons is currently Tim Qualls’ County Executive. The video is posted on Channel 28’s website. This is the most obsequious, fawning, softball interview ever. This interview would make Larry King blush. Some highlights of Qualls comments from the segment are:

Introducing the Coons interview:

01:53 (six years) “When he came on and we met the family and fell in love with him…”
01:57 (speaking of Coons) “What a great man…”
04:23 (speaking of Coons) “My good friend…”

Interviewing Coons:

Qualls lets Coons spend several minutes touting his accomplishments while he exclaims, “Holy cow!”
9:41 “You’ve done such a great job…”
9:48 “I don’t feel bad now that you raised my taxes.”
11:40 “Now I’m saying, wait a minute, I don’t want to vote for you because I don’t want you to leave…”
11:52 “It’s important we get to Washington with that very same mindset that you are talking about…”
14:03 “I want to say what a fantastic job you did in County government and no matter where we can keep you in office, we need to keep you in office.”

You decide if Tim Qualls sounds like a Christine O’Donnell voter.

Tim Qualls’ August 27, 2010 radio interview with Chris Coons can be found here.

So what do you think? Did Channel 28 fail to fulfill their contract with Christine O’Donnell because the tape was delayed? Or do you think they’re just another one of the media’s “Corrupt Bastards” that we’ve learned so much about these past few years?

By the way, did you know that Chris Coons stands to make a ton of money through his family business if Cap and Trade passes? If he becomes Senator, he said he’ll vote to pass Cap and Trade. Note that he would be seated during the lame-duck session… while the Senate is still controlled by Democrats. A perfect time to try to shove Cap and Trade down the throats of the American people. Reference this News Journal article.


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Chavez Builds Anti-U.S. Alliance

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Hugo Chavez works with his “former” East Bloc allies and radical Islamist states to encircle America.

President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez has been busy. From October 13-24, he traveled throughout European, Asian, Middle-Eastern and African nations, speaking, attending meetings and signing agreements. A key element of the tour was to showcase Venezuela’s economy and tout its significance on the global market.

At one stop, Chavez stated, “[Venezuela is] now on the offensive,” and the “rules of the game have changed radically.” An analyst, referring to his comments observed, “Integration and the union of peoples provide a shield against imperialist aggression.” The Communist Party USA’s People’s World provides the following summary of the specifics of this Venezuelan economic offensive:

* Russia: Chavez signed 15 documents of “strategic cooperation” with Russian President Dmitry Medvédev, among them joint plans to build Venezuela’s first nuclear power plant. Venezuela will buy 35 Russian tanks under previous accords and will be planting 50,000 acres with plantains, flowers and other crops for export to Russia. A new Russian-Venezuelan bank will promote independence from U.S.-controlled international financial institutions. (Chavez is highly popular with Russian legislators.)

* Belarus: Chavez agreed to provide 30 million tons of crude oil over three years and purchase petroleum drilling and repair services from Belarus, which is uncertain about continued Russian oil availability after recent diplomatic tiffs. Belarus will help build 5,000 houses in Venezuela, in addition to 10,000 houses promised from Russia, 12,500 from Portugal and 10,000 from Iran. At a state-owned Belarus heavy truck factory, Chavez announced a joint venture for building Latin America’s first big truck factory. Belarus will participate in shoe and textile manufacture in Venezuela. Chavez pointed to the state-owned, 2,700 employee, Dziarzhynski food production complex as a model for Venezuela and a future trading partner.

* Ukraine: Chavez and President Viktor Yanukovych established bilateral diplomatic relations and discussed trade possibilities. Working groups of both nations will meet in Caracas in November.

* Iran: On his ninth visit to Iran, Chavez signed 11 agreements, making the total 200 since 2001, on technology transfer, industry, agriculture, commerce, housing and mining. Venezuela’s state oil company will help open up an Iranian gas field. The two countries will form an oil shipping company and build petrochemical plants. Chavez praised a state-developed housing complex with 90,000 homes as a “new form of popular construction.” Bilateral trade is valued now at $5 billion.

* Syria: Chavez and President Bashar al-Assad signed six accords, including plans for a Syrian-Venezuelan oil refinery, a shipping line and a business bureau. Joint cotton and olive oil production is contemplated. Syria will be joining the Venezuelan-inspired Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) as an observer.

* Libya: Chavez received an honorary degree in Libya and discussed preparations with leader Muammar Gaddafi for the third Africa-South America Summit to be held in Libya next year.

* Portugal: Chavez visited a computer factory which supplies computers used in Venezuelan schools. The factory owner will be supplying Venezuela with 1.5 million of them over three years, some from a facility near Caracas. Portugal will be receiving Venezuelan crude oil and shipping services will be developed.

In 2005. Chavez stated, “Socialism is the future. We want the 21st century to be the century of social justice, of the triumph of the working people everywhere and of Socialism. Socialism is the future and it is a certainty.”

Chavez’s networking is not about economics, it is about regional hegemony and ultimately about the isolation and destruction of socialism’s traditional opponent, the U.S.A.