The Dollar Meltdown – A Book Review

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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The Dollar Meltdown by Charles Goyette provides a fascinating look into America’s financial collapse. He gives you a practical plan for protecting yourself, your family and your investments from the all but inevitable fall of the dollar and a worldwide monetary collapse.

Taking a journey through the complexities of America’s financial trials that has brought her to the precipice of financial ruin, Goyette lays out our government’s part in our economy’s downfall. Disparaging of Keynesian theory and instead steeped in the flawless logic of Hayek’s Austrian perspective of economics, he shows the progression of doomed economic policies that have lead to our current crises. You’ll see the history of our currency and enjoy an in-depth analysis of money and how it functions today in America. Fiat currency is a subject every American should be able to understand and discuss intelligently.

Many of us have believed for some time now that the collapse of the dollar is all but a given. As investors and Americans in general scramble to protect what little they have left from a looming collapse, Goyette points out just how such a calamity could unfold. He explains in detail why he believes a collapse of the dollar is bearing down on us like a freight train out of control. For those of us who have war gamed this scenario many times, his prescient predictions come as no surprise and panic does not ensue if you know how to prepare for the ultimate ride of America’s existence. Will we plummet into the historical abyss as so many others have throughout history or will we rocket into another enlightened period in which we rebuild and make America an even greater country? This book looks into that prospect in a logical and reasoned way while holding true to a brutally honest methodical demeanor. When the ponzi scheme of fiat currency and debt comes crashing down, the question will be of timing and survival. Inflation will be the word of the day and massive devaluation of assets, specifically the dollar, will be front and center. Our future as the world’s reserve currency can best be described in a line from Independence Day: “Time’s Up.”

Covered in Goyette’s strategies are pragmatic approaches to gold, silver and oil – tangible assets that weather economic turmoil more solidly than currencies. He provides advice that anyone can use to invest intelligently and with a greater level of surety than can be found in the general turbulent investment seas that threaten to overwhelm our stock markets and investment entities. You will also find solid advice on treasuries and equities and the dangers of dumping your money into these risky asset pools.

If you are looking for a book with real investment advice for the general public, advice that is palatable and that won’t make you want to run screaming from the room or find a nice sofa to go comatose on, then this book is for you. If you want solid guidance for where to put your money and how to provide security for your family, I strongly recommend The Dollar Meltdown. This book shows how we got where we are today and where to go from here to ensure your financial future. Read it and get your family and friends to read it…

From The Dollar Meltdown:

If America’s debt is a powder keg about to blow, the fuse was lit with the rush of bailouts and stimulus spending.

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