By: AJ

Naked body scanners cost taxpayers $734,000 each and the DHS plans to spend $734 million in FY2011 to purchase another 1,000 scanners. Contrary to what Janet Napolitano is telling us, the naked scans can be saved, stored and disseminated via the internet. Full disclosure: President Obama’s BFF, George Soros, owns 11,300 shares of stock in the company that makes the scanners and Michael Chertoff, former DHS secretary, also benefits financially from scanner sales.

It was the Christmas Day underwear bombers’ failed attack that led to naked body scanners in our airports. Due to inexperience and misguided ideology, President Obama and Eric Holder decided to conduct a trial on US soil, granting the underwear bomber all the rights and privileges afforded to American citizens.

The DHS plans to “spend $200 million to pay state and local costs of securing terrorism-related trials; a 10 percent increase.” This is unacceptable and unnecessary. Military tribunals have been established, and that’s were these terrorists need to be tried.

The TSA, which President Obama intends to unionize, has received a $508.7 million increase, bringing their FY2011 budget to $8.2 billion. Once unionized, TSA leaders will have free reign over Americans and they will be as difficult to fire as teachers who call students the “n” word or sexually assault children. Clearly, the TSA budget should be cut in half and the remaining $4.1 billion needs to be used for private companies who can fulfill the needs of airport security in a professional manner. Private competition from companies who have no ties with politicians will be far superior to what we’re getting from the TSA as evidenced by this video, and this one.

Explosive-sniffing K-9 teams cost $258,182 per team. The DHS plans to spend $71 million for 275 more teams. Taxpayer dollars are better-spent on K-9 teams than $734,000 per scanner!

Summarizing the above FY2011 Federal Budget cuts of $5.034 billion, coupled with those specified below, we can now add $315 billion to the $1.2 Trillion identified in my prior article. This brings our total to $1.515 Trillion in spending cuts thus far.

When we hear media pundits and politicians state that a few hundred million are no big deal, clear thinking Americans know it’s an egregious misstatement. As we can see in this article, millions here and billions there, add up to an enormous amount of taxpayer dollars.

If ordinary Americans are able to find $1.515 Trillion in wasteful government spending, imagine how much more our newly elected Congress will find. It’s up to us to request that they do so, and to insist that they do not appropriate funding for these wasteful programs in a time of financial crisis.