Six Degrees of George Soros

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

A new website called “Six Degrees of George Soros” was founded 4 days ago. Currently they have 94 pages and are creating more as I write. The idea is that you go to the site, type in a name and then that person’s page will come up with a brief bio and the number degrees of separation between themselves and the man with the money, George Soros. The producers of the website explain:

“Six Degrees of George Soros is a non-partisan web search game which shows the connections between Soros and the rest of the progressive machine. Progressive/Liberals/Democrats can use this information to ease their minds in knowing George Soros’ influence is everywhere. Conservatives/Tea Party Patriots/Republicans can use this information to freak out by knowing George Soros’ influence is everywhere.”

The website is including individuals and organizations – backing up much of their research with articles from KeyWiki – the ever-expanding encyclopedia on the covert side of U.S. and Global politics. They haven’t got a whole lot of connections done yet, but check back from time to time for a play with the nifty search tool on their website.


Gulag Night: Trevor Loudon on George Soros, 10pm – midnight Thursday

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Gulag Bound’s radio program will tonight feature myself on George Soros & Doreen Hannes on Food & Water Takeovers. We will be joined by Gulag Bound resistance agents, CJ in TX & Tallulah Starr, with the program hosted by the patriotic Arlen Williams.

10pm – midnight EST | 9pm – 11pm CST | 7pm – 9pm PST

Click here for information on calling in to the program.

Trevor Loudon will help us put Soros into Marxofascist perspective. Glenn Beck blew George Soros’ “nice liberal philanthropist” cover, showing him as the “Puppet Master” in a global movement for the destruction of our Sovereign, free and prosperous America. But is he acting as a maverick on the world stage? If not, who else is actually pulling the strings? His strings?

Doreen Hannes will tell us what is happening in this Soft War against Americans, to our agriculture, food and water. Why does the (federal? make that national) government want to control our vital resources? Are they succeeding with SB-510 & SB-787, this week? (If you have not done so already, call your U.S. Senators, today!) What does this have to do with U.N. Agenda 21 & Nazi inspired Codex Alimentarius?

I hope you can join me tonight for this important discussion.

Would love to say hi or take any questions, so join the program and call in.


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