Egyptian Fascist-Islamic Regime’s Police Against Copts

By: Ashraf Ramelah
Voice of the Copts

Information from Cairo indicates that Egyptian state security broke into St. Mary’s church and threw tear bombs. Bullets ravaged civilian Copts who were gathered in and around the Church.

The Egyptian fascist-Islamic regime’s police system killed at least one person during its operation of destroying the church fence. Another church known by the name of Martyr Mina was attacked also.

Confusing news is reaching our office in Cairo and it indicates that some Copts were killed and some were injured.

The following is a transcript that is part of a live recording transmitted via one of the Coptic satellite TV’s by an eye-witness:

Q. Is the parish priest okay?

A. Father was present and we guarded him and got him out of there.

The situation is the church and surrounding area has become a military zone.

Q. Did anyone attend to the injured?

A. I did see the injured people while we were running away from the scene, but I did not see any ambulances. Police forces are treating people like “chickens.”

Q. How many security vehicles are in the scene?

A. There are various police cars including a lot of officers, including the chief in command in person. I saw him personally getting out of his car threatening people and giving orders to his solders to hit civilians. He did give an order that people abandon the church and indicated that no one is allowed in the church. The regime did use tear/smoke bombs and chased the Copts as far as 1/2 km from the church bashing them in streets.

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