Further Evidence of Far Left Dissemination of “9/11” Disinformation

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

My previous post made the case that “9/11 was an inside job” conspiracy theories are a Russian inspired disinformation stratagem designed to divide, discredit and weaken the U.S. conservative and libertarian movements.

When Barack Obama’s communist “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones “volunteered” to leave the White House, his endorsement of a 2004 “9/11 truth” statement was used to explain his “decision.”

Jones was one of 100 “prominent Americans” who signed an October 26, 2004 statement circulated by 911Truth.org calling on the U.S. Government to investigate 9/11 as a possible “inside job.”

While some conservatives and libertarians endorsed the call, a significant proportion were overt or covert leftists.

Van Jones’ Bay Area Marxist-Leninist outfit STORM had ties to Cuba. Jones personally also had close ties to the pro-Cuban, pro-Vietnamese Communist Party USA splinter Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.

Several signatories were associated with Democratic Socialists of America, a so-called “social democratic” organization, which operates within all levels of the Democratic Party. Barack Obama himself has a thirty year history with D.S.A.

In reality D.S.A. is a crypto-Marxist group which works closely with the Communist Party USA, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Freedom Road Socialist Organization etc. One former leader of D.S.A., Kurt Stand, is currently serving a long prison sentence for spying for East Germany and the former Soviet Union.

D.S.A. is also closely connected to the far left Washington DC based Institute for Policy Studies – once described as the “perfect intellectual front for Soviet activities which would be resisted if they were to originate openly from the KGB.”

Many of the signatories of the October 26, 2004 statement, were also affiliated with I.P.S. and other leftist organizations.

They included:

  • Ed Asner – actor, activist and long time Democratic Socialists of America member, former Communist Party USA front affiliate and an advisory board member of the Rosenberg Fund for Children, which is run by the sons of executed Soviet “Atom bomb spies” Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.
  • Medea Benjamin – activist, author, co-founder, Global Exchange and Code Pink – which is a partner organization of the Institute for Policy Studies. Benjamin also has been closely involved with the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism and is on good terms with Venezuela’s Marxist leader Hugo Chavez.
  • Dennis Bernstein – investigative reporter, radio host of far left West Coast radio station KPFA.
  • Gray Brechin, Ph.D. – author, environmental historian, professor, UC Berkeley. An affiliate of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism-run Center for Political Education.
  • David Cobb – attorney, national presidential candidate, Green Party USA.
  • Kevin Danaher, Ph.D. – author, speaker, co-founder, Global Exchange. Husband of Medea Benjamin and a long time Institute for Policy Studies affiliate.
  • Daniel Ellsberg – author, “Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers.” A supporter of Democratic Socialists of America causes and of Progressives for Obama.
  • Jodie Evans – president, Code Pink. On good terms with Venezuela’s Marxist leader Hugo Chavez. Serves on the Board of I.P.S/D.S.A.-front Progressive Democrats of America.
  • Richard Falk – Professor Emeritus of International Law, Princeton University. Socialist Scholars Conference veteran and long time Institute for Policy Studies affiliate.
  • Michael Franti – musician, filmmaker, human rights worker. Extreme leftist.
  • Bruce Gagnon – chair of the thoroughly communist infiltrated Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. A Communist Party USA affiliate.
  • Stan Goff – 25-year Army Special Ops veteran, author, “Full Spectrum Disorder.” Former member of both the Communist Party USA and the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.
  • Thom Hartmann – radio host, author, “Unequal Protection.” Serves on the Board of I.P.S/D.S.A.-front Progressive Democrats of America.
  • Richie Havens – singer, songwriter, performer, artist. Leftist and advisory board member of the Rosenberg Fund for Children.
  • Randy Hayes – founder, Rainforest Action Network.
  • Georgia Kelly – executive director, Praxis Peace Institute. Progressives for Obama supporter.
  • Mimi Kennedy – actress, Dharma and Greg, “progressive” activist. Chairman of the board of I.P.S/D.S.A.-front Progressive Democrats of America.
  • David Korten – author, “When Corporations Rule the World.” Long time Institute for Policy Studies affiliate.
  • Frances Moore Lappe – author, “Diet for a Small Planet.” Founder, Small Planet Institute. Long time Democratic Socialists of America member.
  • Rabbi Michael Lerner – editor, TIKKUN Magazine, author, “Healing Israel/Palestine.” Long time Democratic Socialists of America affiliate.
  • Cynthia McKinney – former five-term Democratic Party Congresswoman from Georgia. Advisory board member of the Revolutionary Communist Party-front World Can’t Wait.
  • Mark Crispin Miller – media critic, author, professor, New York University. Democratic Socialists of America affiliate and advisory board member of the Revolutionary Communist Party-front World Can’t Wait.
  • Michael Parenti, Ph.D. – author, “Superpatriotism and The Terrorism Trap.” Long time Communist Party USA, Institute for Policy Studies and Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library affiliate.
  • John Rensenbrink – professor emeritus, Bowdoin College, co-founder, Green Party USA.
  • Rosemary Ruether – professor of feminist theology, Graduate Theological Union. Democratic Socialists of America leader.
  • Chuck Turner – Boston City Council. Democratic Socialists of America member.
  • Howard Zinn – professor, historian, author, “A People’s History of the United States.” Former covert member of the Communist Party USA. Democratic Socialists of America affiliate.

The U.S. Government has many faults, but blowing up buildings in the heart of its own financial center, with nuclear charges, to justify war in the Middle East, is not one of them.

These stories have done a lot of damage to America’s credibility abroad – especially in the “Third World.” They have also diverted attention away from America’s real enemies – Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Vietnam, Lybya, Syria, Iran and radical Islam.

Why do you think that Russia and elements of the U.S. far left – many of who are in the “public information” business – have worked so hard to spread “9/11” conspiracy theories?


Dear Obama, Please Leave Me Alone

By: Nancy Morgan
Right Bias

Dear Obama,

I’m not a member of the elite. I’m not a millionaire and I don’t claim to have any power or influence. I’m just an average taxpayer who lives in fly-over country. On behalf of all the Suzy Homemaker’s and Joe Six-Pack’s who are my neighbors, I’d like to request a favor. Please, please, leave us alone.

With all due respect for your office Mr. Obama, you were not elected to tell me what to do. You were elected to protect and defend my right to do it, as long as it’s not illegal. (Please refer to the 10th amendment,)

I left home years ago and have learned how to take care of myself. I don’t need, or want you dictating to me how much salt I can use, where I can smoke, what car I can drive, which light bulbs to use, what temperature I set my thermostat to, which religions and sexual preferences I should respect and which thoughts I can express. I know you’re all in favor of choice, so please respect mine. Please, please just leave me alone.

I’d also appreciate if you could leave my doctor, insurance company, bank and employer alone. It seems that everything you do in my name just costs me more money. Money I can’t afford because I’m on a very tight budget for the next two years. And unlike you, I can’t just print some more. I would if I could. (Ha Ha, just kidding.)

While we’re on the subject, could you please pass along a message to your wife? Please tell her that, even though I am no “expert,” I’d prefer if she quit trying to regulate the behavior of my kids. I know best what their diet, education and beliefs should be.

I know she’s spending a lot of our money on her good works, but I’m firmly convinced that if she just concentrated on Sasha and Malika – and her own garden – we would all be much better off.

I hope this doesn’t sound rude Mr President, but most of the stuff you and Michelle are doing up there in D.C. are things that are morally, legally, personally and constitutionally just none of your business. You are not my daddy. Sir.

On a more positive note: Here’s a big shout out for your handling of the Egypt crisis. Even though it took a week, you finally took a stand. You looked very presidential.

Personally, I’m not convinced you should have chosen sides so early, but, like you, I was pretty sure everything would die down after your call to Mubarak. What a coup – all it took was one phone call from you and he decides to resign. Kudos.

Again, I’m no “expert,” but I’m getting pretty mad at those darn Muslims, especially after all your “outreach.” You’d think they would be grateful. Go figure.

I’m sorry your signature health care legislation has been ruled unconstitutional. It’s a good thing that ruling won’t affect your own health care plan. I’ve been worried at how skinny you’re getting.

And speaking of health care, I don’t mean to nag, but could you please cut down on your smoking? And maybe you should cut down on your partying, too. I know, I know, who am I to tell you what to do? But I do worry about you and I don’t think America is ready for a President Biden.

I know you’re a busy guy, what with all the stuff you’ve decided to take on, but I hope you have time to read this letter. Granted, I’m just a nobody, but I do have a second cousin who used to work for G.E. – and my best friend belongs to a union. Oh, and I still have a vote, too. Even though I’m not dead yet. (That’s a joke.)

I hear you watched the Super Bowl with J Lo last weekend. How cool!

Take care and hang tight,

Nancy Morgan


Bill Kristol, Rich Lowry and Joe Klein Gang Up on Glenn Beck

By: Kristinn Taylor and Andrea Shea King
The Radio Patriot

Conservative and liberal intellectual titans took turns this weekend savaging radio and TV talk show host Glenn Beck for his reporting this past week on the alliance between the communist left and radical Islamists. Beck has credited our reporting at Big Government and Big Peace.

Code Pink banner ad as it appeared on the website of The Muslim Brotherhood, January 2010.

In attacking Beck, the trio of D.C./N.Y. elitists displayed a disturbing ignorance of our Nation’s enemies and their tactics to undermine the West and its allies as well as infiltrate Western political establishments–including the presidency of Barack Obama.

Writing at the Weekly Standard, editor Bill Kristol accused Beck of “hysteria” and “inventing” the links between the left and the Islamists. For good measure Kristol plays the “Bircher” card against Beck like Jesse Jackson plays the race card against conservatives:

But hysteria is not a sign of health. When Glenn Beck rants about the caliphate taking over the Middle East from Morocco to the Philippines, and lists (invents?) the connections between caliphate-promoters and the American left, he brings to mind no one so much as Robert Welch and the John Birch Society. He’s marginalizing himself, just as his predecessors did back in the early 1960s.

Kristol’s smug assault on Beck was seconded by National Review editor Rich Lowry, who republished Kristol’s attack, saying it was “well-deserved”:

Bill Kristol has an editorial on conservatives and Egypt. He takes a well-deserved shot at Glenn Beck’s latest wild theorizing:

Time Magazine’s Joe Klein gleefully picked up Kristol’s savaging of Beck and jumped in with his own vengeance, calling Beck a “free-range lunatic” for reporting about “his hilarious commie-Muslim caliphate delusions.” Klein piles on by promoting an alleged whispering campaign by Republicans to get Beck kicked off Fox for hurting “their brand.”

Today, (hat tip/Ben Smith), we have Bill Kristol sticking with the demonstrators and calling out free-range lunatic Glenn Beck, for his hilarious commie-muslim caliphate delusions. This is not unimportant. Kristol lies very close to the throbbing heart of the Fox News sensibility. And I’ve heard, from more than a couple of conservative sources, that prominent Republicans have approached Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes about the potential embarrassment that the paranoid-messianic rodeo clown may bring upon their brand. The speculation is that Beck is on thin ice. His ratings are dropping, too–which, in the end, is a good part of what this is all about. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a mirror-Olbermann situation soon.

Up until Saturday, it was liberals at MSNBC, the Daily Beast and Media Matters who were mocking, but not refuting Beck over his factual reporting of the alliance between the left, radical Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist groups like Hamas in Egypt.

Kristol’s attack has opened the gates for conservative elites to join liberals in forcing themselves on Beck and venting their welled-up frustration at a him for the crime of spoiling their exclusive elitist worldview.

Bryan Preston at Pajamas Media’s Tatler has been one of the few to defend Beck. In doing so, Preston links to our Big Peace article about Code Pink funding the attempted overthrow of the Egyptian government and the Council on Foreign Relations for Hamas’ ties to the Muslim Brotherhood:

Note to Rich Lowry. Whatever one thinks of Beck, he’s not inventing connections between the American left and the “caliphate promoters.” Hamas, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood according to those noted Birchers the Council on Foreign Relations, is among the caliphate promoters, and Code Pink has long been in league with them. What impact that alliance has is certainly debatable, and I doubt that Code Pink is any more effective in Egypt than it has been in the US, but the alliance itself is not an invention of Beck’s.

As a side note, what Preston fails to appreciate is that Code Pink operating in Egypt and Gaza for the past two years has had the ears of President Obama, Hamas, the wife of Hosni Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood and other organizers of the anti-Mubarak protests. One would be hard-pressed to find another group, even our CIA, which is that wired into Egypt right now.

But at least Preston acknowledges the basic fact of the alliance.

Kristol, Lowry and Klein savage Beck for informing his audience about what has been reported (unrefuted, we might add) at Big Peace and Big Government documenting the ties between President Obama, Code Pink, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Even Code Pink doesn’t bother to deny what Beck has reported. A statement posted at the Code Pink Web site denies credit for instigating the protests in Egypt, but ignores the group’s ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood as well Code Pink’s ties to former Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn:

Glenn Beck’s dangerous rhetoric – blaming CODEPINK for Egypt Unrest:
Middle East unrest according to Glenn Beck and friends,The Guardian, February 3, 2011

CODEPINK Response:
Of all the things Codepink HAS accomplished this past year we just can’t take credit for the popular uprising in Egypt. Despite allegations that the pro-democracy demonstrators are led by militants and extremists, in fact the millions in Tahrir Square are predominately young people sick and tired of being unemployed in a repressive police state. All many have ever known in the despotic rule of Pres. Mubarak, propped up by $1 billion in aid every year from the U.S. taxpayers.

Crowds in Cairo and other cities also include pharmacists, grandmothers, army officers, former employees of the state controlled t.v. station — and yes, CODEPINK activists whose large pink banner “Solidarity with the Egyptian People! Codepink.org” was photographed in Tahrir and seen around the world.

We are proud of those who call for democracy no matter where in the world they are! And we call on Pres. Mubarak to step down now and allow for an orderly transition to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people!

Code Pink fails to mention the Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘day of rage’ protest a week ago Friday that saw mass riots and images of Cairo burning transmitted around the world.

Also, while demurring on taking credit for the protests, Code Pink has elsewhere claimed to inspire by example the protests.

Here are some facts for Kristol, Lowry and Klein:

Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans is a Democratic party activist who was tapped as an early fundraiser by Barack Obama. Evans has visited the Obama White House, met with the President and his staff.

Since Obama’s election, Jodie Evans and Code Pink have acted as go-betweens from terrorists to Obama.

In recent years, Code Pink has met and worked with Islamic terrorists and state sponsors of terrorism including Iran, Syria, Cuba, Hamas, the Taliban and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Code Pink recently ran banner ads on the English language Web site of the Muslim Brotherhood beseeching the brotherhood and their jihadist readers to “Join us in cleansing our country.”

Code Pink provoked a violent response from the Egyptian government while agitating in Cairo with Ayers, Dohrn and over a thousand global leftists to break the embargo of Hamas-controlled Gaza.

Domestically, Code Pink works with communist groups including the Revolutionary Communist Party, the Workers’ World Party and the Party for Socialism and Liberation. Code Pink co-founders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans are also in the leadership of the Progressive Democrats of America alongside several Democrat members of Congress.

Since the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, the radical left has made common cause with radical Islamists. Beck showed a video compilation documenting that alliance featuring leftist and Islamist speakers at so-called anti-war rallies that were broadcast on C-SPAN.

If he is to be criticized for anything, Beck should be criticized for being so late to recognize the global conspiracy between the left and Islamists to bring down America, Israel and the West. It is true that Islamists want to establish a global caliphate and Marxists want to establish a global communist government. How will the two partners reconcile their different end-goals should they succeed in taking down America? We hope we don’t have to find out.

Code Pink and the left don’t care about democracy in Egypt. Their goal is to take out an American ally and partner with Israel for peace. If you doubt this, read our Big Peace article detailing Code Pink’s history of subverting American allies like Egypt while propping up our enemies like Iran.

Beck also reported on the rally in California a week ago co-led by Code Pink that called for the lynching of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, and the “quarantine” of conservative financiers the Koch brothers.

Words mean something. When those opposed to America and her allies like Code Pink call for “cleansing” “lynchings” and “quarantines” of their enemies we should be alarmed. Especially so when those calling for such actions work with groups and governments like Hamas, Iran and Cuba who really do “cleanse,” “lynch” and “quarantine” their political enemies.

Kristol, Lowry and Klein should take a stroll outside their elite comfort zones and attend an anti-war rally or so-called pro-democracy-for-Egypt rally in New York or D.C. If they did, they would see for themselves examples of the alliance between the left and Islamists in action.


Biggest Blowjob Ever

By: RadicalRon

For all of O’Reilly’s crowing last week about how it would be the most widely viewed in history (and therefore the most important), this was an interview (transcript) of the Larry King variety. No here, much less a there.

As far as the numbers go, given same or similar circumstances, they would be about the same regardless of the interviewer. Even Keith Olbermann.

Or Ed Schultz. 🙂 🙂

Why not ask about betraying the Brits? (See also the Geneva meeting notes.)

read more here…