GOP Senators Out Fox AWOL Dems in Bitter Badger State Budget Battle

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

This is great! Wisconsin GOP Senators pass “Budget Repair Bill,” without Democrats.

The left is going ballistic. That’s the same left BTW, that applauded when Obamacare was rammed through the Senate by underhanded parliamentary tactics.

Congratulations to Scott Walker and his GOP colleagues.


NZ Labour Party Rep. Meets Top Chinese Communists

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Maryan Street with Cui Tiankai, Beijing, March 3, 2011

On March 3, 2011, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai met with Maryan Street, New Zealand Labour Party’s Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, Trade and Overseas Development Assistance, who was visiting China at the invitation of the International Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee.

Both sides exchanged views on “China-New Zealand relations and other issues.”

Maryan Street was once very close to the Pro-Soviet New Zealand Socialist Unity Party, the remnants of which now look to China as a leader of the world communist movement.


Breaking – A Win in Wisconsin

Progressives, read em and weep… 8)

Wisconsin GOP Senators Pass Collective Bargaining Bill Without Democrats

The circus in Wisconsin appears to be coming to an end.

Tired of waiting for the 14 Democrat Senators who fled to neighboring Illinois to return, Wisconsin’s GOP Senators simply stripped Governor Walker’s budget bill of all specific fiscal items and voted to strip public employee unions of all collective bargain rights except the right to negotiate over wages.

The Wisconsin State Senate requires a quorum to take up any measures that actually spend money. But Republicans discovered that if they split off the proposal from the legislation to curtail public employee union’s bargaining rights, they were legally able to pass a bill and a special conference committee of state lawmakers approved that bill a short time later.

Read more at Joshua Pundit…

The Wisconsin Snoopy Dance – and Idaho too!


Telling the Truth

By: MJ

Organizing for America called here last night and wanted me to call the local representative and tell them to vote no on the Senate Bill in Ohio.

I don’t know how they got our number, but I am sure they won’t be calling here again after I spoke with them and assured them I would call and insist that our representative votes FOR the Senate Bill in Ohio.

I am not supportive of Obama or his administrative policies. I am not supportive of the relationship that Obama has with Unions either. Most (not all) of union people are communists, period. Some people in the union are required to be members whether or not they agree with the union leaders.

A few days before that. I received a call that was a survey on the Senate Bill in Ohio. The person delivering the survey said if you could vote on this issue how would you vote? Immediately I thought surely they would not bring this as an amendment or as a state issue on the ballot in the fall, but I didn’t press for an answer on that.

The person said, “I am going to give you statements that would support the senate bill and you would indicate if you agree or disagree.” Then there were statements that would oppose the senate bill and I was asked to indicate if I would agree or disagree.

I have to tell you that ALL of the statements were so convoluted that none of them were true. Twisted descriptions of facts is all they had to offer as statements on both sides of the aisle.

While I do not have a background in unions, and have never been a member of a teacher union, I distinctly remember that one day a few months ago, Beck had a chart that showed the states were taking money from the state pensions. Now that the pension funds are gone, the state has no other recourse than to say we are bankrupt. They can’t dip into the pensions any more. But the states are not going to tell anyone why the pensions are not funded.

The other night, the Tea Party Patriots called for a town hall. They said. “We are losing the battle,” and “How should we present this to people so that they understand?” [our point of view]. How about the TRUTH? Does that mean anything to anyone any longer?

Our country has been PC’d to death. The language has now become the enemy of the people. We don’t even know what we are asking people to do or what to support, because most people do not know how to use the language or in some cases, know how to use it too well. What I mean by this is that the average person has attended the corrupt and socialistic schools and learned attitudes and ideology that are un-American. They even learned a twisted version of history. The language that the average person learned in school was not designed to decipher Communist lingo. The conversation has been twisted and convoluted to a point that it is impossible to understand what people mean any longer.

The left has their way – which I try to avoid if at all possible because I know it is Communism. The right however, has a lot of passion to deliver a “message” that might not be the correct “message.”

The “Message” should be that all schools need to be abolished for the sake of our country. As a teacher who went to a one room school and basically didn’t get hired as a teacher because I was too conservative, I can tell you that the love of learning is what I wished to teach and that wasn’t going to be within their agenda.

Teacher has now become the 4 letter word that no one wants to hear or respect. So let’s abolish the schools.

Aside from that, the only other suggestion I have is that people take a long look at what this administration has become and ask yourself if you would like to be an employee of an organization that wants to put the entire population under constant surveillance.

I did teach 4th grade online in a charter school. It was great in the beginning because it was new and exciting. We had a lot of freedom to teach and create web pages.

Then about 4 years into it, the superintendent took on a different approach to education. He decided that in order to make more money for the organization, teachers should handle more students. One teacher had 800 students on the roster. We were expected to do more and more.

Then came the free shoes. That’s right – free shoes with an RFID chip in them so that we could participate in the “wellness” program. The results of teachers’ efforts were posted online for all to see. Since we were teaching online, and at home, we would need to be in our seats at our computer if wearing these shoes. It was a method of control.

Then we had to start documenting everything we did all day long. Can you imagine doing that on a job? It takes much longer to document everything you do than to just do it. We also had to”justify” our time with the number of students or parents we contacted by phone or email.

The point is that while it sounds “good” to do some union busting to get rid of the Communists, why don’t we take a step back in time? It seems to me that there were hearings in Congress about Communists at one time.

Let’s get the facts straight. We have Communists in the unions and the states have taken from the pension funds and bled them dry. The states are broke, the federal government is broke. Everyone has spent too much and the well is dry. It’s time to tell the truth.