By: AJ

Karl Marx wrote, “The classes and the races… must perish in the Revolutionary holocaust.” In Marx’s journal, he made it clear that racial extermination must occur.

Marx was the ancestor of modern political genocide. Karl Marx and his friend, Friedrich Engels, were the first to publicly advocate for racial extermination.

Vladimir Lenin carefully studied Marx and pursued a Socialist Revolution in Russia. Lenin created the Soviet Communist Party, the USSR and, as a Marxist Revolutionary, Lenin established the first Marxist country on Earth. As we know, tens of millions of innocent people were exterminated under Lenin’s Marxist regime.

In a 1924 New York Times article written by Goebbels (the Propaganda Minister), Goebbels revealed that Lenin and Hitler’s National Socialist Labor Party can be compared; the difference between Communism and the Hitler faith was very slight. This admission didn’t go down well with potential voters; thus, the Nazi’s changed their tactics and never again publicly stressed their resemblance to Communists.

Hitler often said he learned a great deal from reading Marx; whole National Socialism is based upon Marxism.

A Socialist Revolution – like the one being organized and funded by President Obama’s Organizing For America and the Union Fat-Cat Bosses – will usher in Communism. The Progressive Marxists are thrilled that their Socialist Revolution is underway.

In America today, the Democratic Party has been taken over by the Progressive Marxists.

President Obama, Hillary Clinton, members of Congress who are in the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the Czars and Cabinet members, the Union Fat-Cat Bosses, etc., are in charge and the Socialist Revolution has already begun. Proceeding covertly through legislation passed by the 111th Congress (e.g. Obamacare, Finance Reform, Food Safety Act, Land Grab legislation, etc.) and overtly in individual states such as Wisconsin – as evidenced by the violent and racist protestors being paid and bused in.

To all Democrats: Before you cast your votes in 2012, know that if you vote for the person with the “D” next to their name, you are most likely voting for a Marxist/Socialist/Communist. Before voting, be sure to go to KeyWiki to thoroughly research the candidates first. The Republican Progressives are well-known and efforts are already underway to ensure they do not win in the primaries.

To all Americans: Know this… the Constitution of the Communist regime gave everyone “rights.” The right to a home, a job, healthcare… and yet it didn’t protect them from enslavement, poverty, starvation and mass murder intentionally bestowed upon the people by their government. Our US Constitution does protect us from our government and there’s nothing which protects us more than our right to Life, Liberty and Property/the Pursuit of Happiness. Nothing trumps that.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, where do you think all those Anti-American Communists went? Have you heard of the Frankfurt School? They’re here and their goal is to destroy America. Don’t forget… killing is essential to Communism… and Marxism, Socialism, Progressivism and Communism are merely different names which lead to the same tyranny. Socialism/Communism cannot exist where there is freedom. That’s why America must be destroyed.


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