Sheila Jackson Lee’s rant at terrorism committee hearing

Hat Tip: Brian B.

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I especially loved how she kept saying the Constitution was a living, breathing document. Typical Marxist rhetoric. She purports to want freedom for all, while extolling socialist/Marxist dogma. She would cherry pick our Constitutional rights, warping them to her needs while taking them away from others. She tries to use religion as a weapon – it was not Christians or Jews or Buddhists or any other religion that slaughtered 3,000 Americans on 9-11. If the suicide vest fits lady… This is not racial – it is survival. We must protect ourselves from radical Jihadists that would kill us for our beliefs and our way of life. I suggest you take your Marxist ass and move to the Middle East. You won’t last long I wager. I am sick to death of this loon. Enough… As far as I’m concerned, this woman is a traitor and dangerous in that she plays to the egos and plans of our enemies.

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