Explosion at Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Building housing Fukushima I reactor blows up

REUTERS: Radiation leaking, pressure in core unstable

JIJI: Levels 1,000 times normal

Caesium detected; points to nuke fuel melt

Evacuation widened to 20 km

‘No immediate health hazard,’ officials say — while evacuating 45,000

Three workers near plant suffer radiation exposure

IAEA: Japan preparing to hand out iodine near nuke plants

NEW PLAN: Fill leaking reactor with sea water


REPORT: Nearly 10,000 people missing from town of 17,000

KYODO: Death toll feared to top 1,700

Military finds 300-400 bodies in one coastal city

UPDATE: Four trains missing

Northeast Japan ‘a wasteland’

‘Devastation and despair’

US Ambassador to Japan Warns Americans to Evacuate

OFFICIALS: No damage to steel container housing reactor

Nearly quarter million stranded in shelters

6 million homes without power

Survivors hoard food, supplies

Hundreds line up at grocery stores, gas stations

Quake moved Japan coast 8 feet; shifted Earth’s axis

Sony, Toyota, Nissan, Honda shut down factories

In US, waves sweep 4 out to sea

Crescent City, CA harbor destroyed

URGENT: Hundreds Dead, Thousands Missing as Aftershocks Hold Rescue

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