Coming Soon… The Daley Czar.

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

From: The Rebel Yell

Ah yes, let’s keep it all in the Chicago dynastic legacy of criminals and shady business figures. Enter, stage left, the new White House Chief of Staff, William Daley. Daley… Hmmm, that name sounds familiar. That’s right! He’s the son of legendary Chicago mayor Richard J. Daley (considered to be the last big city boss of the Chicago Democratic Machine) and brother of the city’s retiring mayor, Richard M. Daley, notorious in his own right in Chicago politics. And I’m sure it is just a coincidence that the departing Chief of Staff for the White House, Rahm Emanuel, is the newly anointed mayor of that toddlin’ town, Chicago. Nope, no corruption there. Nothing to see here folks… Might as well move the White House to Chicago and be done with it since Obama hails from there as well. Oh, and William Daley – he’s 62 and has spent his whole life involved in government and big business, often using one as a steppingstone to the other. He’s a lawyer who served as Midwestern chairman of J.P. Morgan Chase. Daley has also been a bank president, vice chairman of a boutique investment firm and president of a communications giant. He has been on the boards of Boeing, Fannie Mae and Electronic Data Systems, accumulating considerable wealth along the way. I feel soooo much better

Our world is on fire and many believe that something truly horrific is slouching our way. So what does the Obama administration and Daley decide is needed? Well, a czar’s czar of course! Now is so obviously the time to focus on improving relations among the members of Obama’s cabinet and the White House. Genius, absolute genius!!

Enter stage right, the Daley Czar, Tom Gavin. The new Cabinet Czar. I kid you not… His official title is Cabinet Communications Director. From Big Government:

“At the same time, the White House recently created the position of Cabinet communications director, appointing media adviser Tom Gavin to the job. The goal, according to the official statement, is ‘to better coordinate with and utilize members of the Cabinet’ and is a ‘high priority.’”

And this:

“Part of the problem, people on both sides said, has been an abundance of issue specialists – the ‘czars’ – who manage matters on the environment and the economy within the West Wing. ‘The White House loops people out. The czars keep people from getting in,’ said one senior Democratic official who has fielded such complaints from three agency heads. ‘The level of frustration is pretty high.’”

That’s one statement I would agree with. The level of frustration is ‘pretty high,’ is an understatement when it comes to how Americans feel about Obama’s form of government. Let me get this straight, there are Cabinet heads that Obama still hasn’t met with in 2 years. These people are bickering among themselves and whining that nothing is getting done. Sounds pretty par for this political machine:

A czar’s czar – czar squared – the ultimate in socialistic bureaucracy. Why, almost a shadow government. My head hurts… So Obama bypasses the tried and true political system in order to install his lieutenants with no arguments from the riffraff (that would be you and me folks). Looks like the Chicago, White House, Obama machine is humming right along as smooth as a 9.0 earthquake.

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