The Stench in Here is Terrible

The following is a post by Zombie on the first LSD dealer who recently passed away. Unsurprisingly, he was a global warming alarmist. Think about it… 8) Read it all; it is fascinating.

By: Zombie
Pajamas Media

The story is told of a young chemist who, one evening, accidentally ingested a droplet of an unknown fluid from one of his test tubes, the leftovers of a past experiment.

Within minutes his mind went reeling and he was subjected to not only the wildest hallucinations, but also what he felt were world-altering insights into the nature of the universe.

The next day, after the drug had worn off, he tried to describe his experience to his colleagues and friends, but could not find the words to do it justice. Everyone he spoke to shrugged it off as a particularly vivid dream and went about their daily chores.

Frustrated, the next evening he placed a larger drop on his tongue, intentionally this time, and entered into a mental state beyond his imagining; he seemed to grasp, with no effort on his part, the very nature of existence. He not only saw God, he realized that he was and always had been part of God. He understood holistically and simultaneously every scientific axiom and principle — including ones that had not yet been discovered — as all being aspects of a single unified theorem of the cosmos, a theorem which he could inspect at his leisure, as if he were holding it in his hand.

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Financial and World News Update – 03/15/11

Director General Of IAEA Says New Information About Reactor Core Is “Worrying”

Japan Moves 8 Feet Over And 633 Points Down

Wisconsin Showdown Sparks Copycat Protests In Unlikely State Capitals

VIDEO: Saudi Tanks Enter Bahrain To Quell Unrest

The Real Battle of Bahrain: Saudi Arabia Vs. Iran

Missing Wisc. Dems Return As Heroes, Pledge To Recall Walker

White House Urges Supreme Court Not to Jump Into Health Care Law Cases Prematurely (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

US Trained Palestinian Security Forces Involved in Fogel Family Massacre (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Europe’s Coming Meltdown

Rush to Palin critics: Obama is destroying the FREAKING COUNTRY! (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Nikkei Closes Down A Staggering 10.5% After Massive BOJ Liquidity Pump

Niall Ferguson: The Best Case Scenario Is A Rerun Of The 1970s, With Obama In The Role Of Jimmy Carter

The World’s Banks Face $2.5 Trillion In Exposures To Europe’s Fringe

Dollar’s Fall Spells Big Changes for USA


TOKYO WIND: Radiation plume could reach capital by nightfall

Europe’s energy commissioner: ‘Apocalypse’

Spent nuke fuel pool may be boiling

PANIC: May dump water on pool by helicopter

Panicked residents start to flee


Sudden run on potassium iodide pills in U.S.



Problems Grow as Egypt’s Exchange Stays Closed

DR. DOOM: If Market Keeps Falling, Fed Will Keep Printing

Israel seizes ship with Iran arms for Gaza

Thousands of Palestinians rally

Bahrain Shi’ites call it ‘war’

St. Louis Votes To Make Cold Medication Prescription-Only

Dog Put Down On TVNews To Show Benefits Of At-Home Euthanasia



Powerful 6.4 quake hits southwest of Tokyo

Third explosion at nuke plant raises spectre of nuclear nightmare

Food panic

Thousands missing, millions short of power and water – and fear everywhere

Confusion, chaos spreading

Germany to shut down seven reactors

Denver City Council endorses 6.6% pay raise for elected officials

AL FRANKEN WARNS: ‘THEY’RE COMING AFTER THE INTERNET’ – Asshat Marxist Franken is rallying for net neutrality.

Red Alert: Radiation Rising and Heading South in Japan (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Japan Officials Make Gains as Nuclear Crisis Sparks Rift

Japan facing mounting toll in triple catastrophe; survivors short on supplies

Nikkei crashes as nuclear problems escalate

Conservatives Voice Frustration With Short-Term Budget Bills

Congress stakes out nuclear positions

Morning Bell: No Bureaucrat Left Behind

EU Foreign Policy Chief Lectures America on ‘Human Rights’

House Hearing: Obamacare Ties Hands of Congress to Control Funding

Alan Gross: Castro’s Pawn, Obama’s Dilemma


Yale’s Shiller: Quake Could Be Final Tipping Point for Markets, Oil

Outrage! US Government Funding La Raza with Your Tax Dollars (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Mike Pence Won’t Vote For CR: ‘It’s Time to Take a Stand’ (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Medicare and Medicaid Made $70 Billion in ‘Improper Payments’ Last Year—More Than All Spending by Homeland Security and State Departments Combined (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Fed Sees Economy on `Firmer Footing’; Affirms Bond Purchases – That would be a hysterical statement if it were not soooo terrifying…

Global Demand for U.S. Assets Fell on Lower Bond Buying

House Approves Three-Week Stopgap Spending Bill to Fund Government

Japan, U.S. Consider Chopper Drops In Race to Reverse Nuke Reactor ‘Boil’

March Madness: The Picks Are in for New FBI Boss

U.N. Close to Securing No-Fly Zone Over Libya

Anti-Radiation Pills Flying Off U.S. Drug Store Shelves

The Hate for Sarah Palin

GOP Should Say No to Band-Aid Budgets

Dead Jews Is No News – Mark Steyn


Communists Meet to Plan Nationwide Actions

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

The Communist Party USA is organizing a “1st Annual CPUSA National Conference” to be held at the Party’s Unity Center in New York, April 16-17.

According to Communist Party National Chair Sam Webb:

“We need a bigger, bolder Communist Party if we are to meet the challenges of the day…With the all out attacks on workers rights’ in Wisconsin and states across our nation, it is imperative that we build the Communist Party as we help build the grassroots movement for jobs and democracy…”

According to Missouri Party leader Tony Pecinovsky:

As tens of thousands continue to take to the streets nationwide to stop the ultra-right Republican assault on workers’ rights, democracy, public education, health care and vital social services, the Communist Party is in the mix, say its members.

In fact, Communist Party members are working in coalition with other progressive groups in helping lead many of the local fight back efforts.

The planned conference is designed to bring communists, the left and “progressive” activists together from all over the country to discuss, plan and act.

The Party has also learned a thing or two from revolutions in Egypt and Libya and plans to step up its use of social media.

Central to the deliberations will be panel discussions highlighting many of the opportunities and challenges of building the Communist current in the working class and people’s movement. Use of the working-class tools like PeoplesWorld.org and PoliticalAffairs.net and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are also on the agenda…

Conference participants will hear from activists “in the trenches” and discuss fight back strategies. Participants will share experiences, map out plans, “deepen Marxist methodology and “get fired up” for the big challenges ahead.” Everyone will leave the conference assigned with an “action item” to take back to their local communities.

Webb said:

“The Communist Party and Young Communist League are growing. Readership of the People’s World and Political Affairs are increasing dramatically. However, we need to deepen and expand our influence, grow our membership and help build the people’s movement. In short, we need to do more to meet the urgent challenges. That is why this conference is so important.”

Contrary to popular belief, communism never died. The recent chaos in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and lesser actions in several other states are proof of that.

If the Communist party USA has its way, recent actions are just the beginning.


AFL-CIO’s Liz Shuler on Labor Education: “We Need to Get Into the Elementary Schools.”

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Liz Shuler

Democratic Socialists of America connected AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Liz Shuler, was quoted in today’s edition of Communist Party USA news site Peoples World, in reference to labor union “education” in public schools:

By contrast, Shuler notes “Wisconsin years ago passed” a mandate for labor education within its schools. “That’s why the students came with their teachers,” she said about the ongoing protests in Madison against right wing GOP Gov. Scott Walker’s moves to strip 200,000 state and local workers of collective bargaining rights.

High school is too late” to educate students about unions and workers, says Shuler, the daughter of union parents in Oregon who joined the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers as an activist and organizer after college. “We need to get into the elementary schools.

You’d better believe it. These people are coming for your children.