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  1. Well done. When my daughters were in school I told them that if they ever started a fight they were in big trouble…..but that everyone in this country has the right to defend themselves. So if someone attacked them I fully expected them not to be a victim but to defend themselves and I would back them up no matter what action the school chose to take.

    The reason we have so many more bullies now is that society and the public school system has created so many victims. We need to teach our children be strong, confident and to take responsibility for their actions.

  2. p.s. This ISN’T just “being teased”. It’s physical assault. If anyone gets suspended it should be the moron who started it.

  3. If the child who defended himself got suspended, then the bully needs to be expelled. The punishment has to fit the crime… and if the bully gets expelled, it’ll finally send a message that there are severe consequences for the bullies.

    Last year $300 million of our taxpayer dollars were spent on “bullying”. I say – handle it as this child did and the Fed government won’t need to spend a dime on their touchy feely verbiage that does nothing for kids who are being cornered and assaulted everyday on school campuses throughout our nation.

    If our government schools keep sending the message that there are no consequences for the bully (would-be victims are being taught not to hit back), bullying will increase.

    The child who defended himself in this video has given us a perfect example of peace through strength. That bully won’t be attacking him anymore, right? Right. Peace through strength. 🙂

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