Media Matters Declares War on Fox

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

From: ihasa HotDog

To our comrades at Media Matters… They are sharing their civility and love today by declaring war on Fox News. How very Stalin of them.

Well, we have a request to our readers out there. As most of you know this site partners with KeyWiki.org, New Zeal and Gulag Bound. We already have some research on Media Matters for America. What we are looking for is a complete listing of the staff at Media Matters. We already have a partial one. Quid pro quo – since Soros’ Media Matters believes in transparency, in the interest of fair research, we will be looking into their staff members as well. It should be a riveting history on radical exploits to be sure.

In fact, Media Matters is soooo transparent, they don’t list who is on their staff or board anywhere that I can find. Perhaps I overlooked it somewhere? Please send your info. to us here at NoisyRoom: [email protected]. You know, in the name of fair play and transparency. Wouldn’t want our good comrades at Media Matters to feel left out, now would we?


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