2 thoughts on ““The Declaration of Independence”

  1. This is ‘nice way’ to have the document presented, but the choice of individual presenters is ridiculous.

    Gibson, an established anti-semite.
    Douglas, an established leftist.
    Kevin Spacey, well established leftist, socialist and member of the “Hugo Chavez Butt-Kissing Club”
    Whoopi?!? nuff said.
    Edward Norton, leftist and supporter of socialists.
    Del Torro !!! His personal hero and mentor is Che Guevara. Del Torro idolizes a Marxist serial murderer.

    Please. This video was posted in 2007. It was made with ‘King’ George Bush as the target, not King George of 1774. The video was produced as a political hit job, and I guarantee that none of these actors is capable of making the same comparisons to the current Tyrant in Chief – who actually fits the bill.

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