Leading Marxist Manning Marable Dies – Once Wrote, Obama “Has Read Left Literature, Including My Works”

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Manning Marable

One of America’s leading academic Marxists, Director of the Institute for Research in African-American Studies, Columbia University, Manning Marable, has died, aged 60.

One of the most influential black radicals of his era, Manning Marable was both activist and academic, playing leadership roles in several Marxist organizations and authoring numerous books and articles, including a soon to be released biography of Malcolm X.

Marable even claimed the President of the United States Barack Obama as one of his readers.

In the December 2008 issue of British Trotskyist journal Socialist Review Marable wrote.

What makes Obama different is that he has also been a community organizer. He has read left literature, including my works, and he understands what socialism is. A lot of the people working with him are, indeed, socialists with backgrounds in the Communist Party or as independent Marxists. There are a lot of people like that in Chicago who have worked with him for years…

One of Marable’s first confirmed radical affiliations was with the 1970s Marxist group New American Movement, founded mainly by veterans of the Students for a Democratic Society and the Communist Party USA. Marable’s wife Leith Mullings (Feminists for Peace and Barack Obama) comes from a Communist Party background.

Marable was an early member of Democratic Socialists of America after it was founded in 1982 and by 1984 was a D.S.A. vice chair, alongside the likes of far left Democratic congressman Ron Dellums, San Francisco Board of Supervisors member Harry Britt and Washington DC City Councilor Hilda Mason.

Like many socialists, Marable was happy to work with communists. In November 1989 he addressed the 10th anniversary conference of the Communist Party controlled U.S. Peace Council, alongside two well known D.S.A. affiliates, Michigan Congressman John Conyers and his Vermont colleague Bernie Sanders.

Marable was an almost annual speaker at D.S.A’s Socialist Scholars Conferences in New York – which Barack Obama is known to have attended in the early 1980s.

In 1992, a new Marxist organization Committees of Correspondence was formed when a third of the Communist Party broke away to link up with DSAers, Trotskyists, Maoist, leftist Democrats and anarchists in an attempt to modernize and broaden the U.S. left. Marable became a co-chair of the new coalition.

Through C.O.C. Marable got involved in the LINKS network. This was an Australian based publication designed to link the Cubans, former East German and third world communists with Trotskyists and Maoists, black radicals, anarchists and “green” activists to form new leftist parties in several countries based on the model of the very successful (and now ruling) Brazilian Workers Party.

Interestingly, President Obama has worked to forge strong ties to the Brazilian Workers Party leadership since assuming office.

In 1994 Marable was one of many D.S.A. and C.O.C. activists behind the New Party – a crypto socialist grouping aimed at nudging the Democratic Party to the left. While it didn’t last long, the New Party helped propel its best known members Barack Obama and DSAer/Democrat Illinois Congressman Danny Davis onto the national stage.

In June 1996, Manning Marable led a delegation of fifteen prominent African Americans to Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Members of the delegation included Marable’s wife: Leith Mullings, Professor of Anthropology, City University of New York; writer/editor Jean Carey Bond; political theorist Clarence Lusane; Columbia University Chaplain Jewelnel Davis and DSAer Michael Eric Dyson, Visiting Professor of African American Studies, Columbia University.

During Marable’s Cuba sojourn, he met many government officials, intellectuals and community leaders, as well as having a lengthy conversations with Assata Shakur aka Joanne Chesimard an escaped terrorist cop killer from the U.S.

After meeting Chesimard, who is black, Marable wrote:

The struggle to destroy racism still remains a central challenge in Cuba: but on balance, the Cubans are far more honest about their shortcomings, and have achieved greater racial equality for Blacks than we have in the U.S….

In the late in 1990s, Marable joined activists from D.S.A., C.O.C., Communist Party USA and other Marxist groups to found the Black Radical Congress. There is no evidence that Barack Obama attended the B.R.C.’s founding conference in Chicago in June 1998, but Obama’s Marxist pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright was certainly there, as was future Obama “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones.

On October 30 and 31, 1998, the radical Brecht Forum celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the Communist Manifesto” at Cooper Union’s Great Hall, New York.

Individual endorsers of the event included Manning Marable.

In 2006-7, several radical groups including D.S.A., C.O.C., Communist party USA and several former leaders of the terrorist Weather Underground including Jeff Jones, Mark Rudd, and Obama allies Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn to form a new radical umbrella organization Movement for a Democratic Society.

MDS February 2007. Mark Rudd far left, Jeff Jones, second from right, Manning Marable, center.

At M.D.S.’s February 2007 meeting in New York, Marable was elected Chair of the new organization. M.D.S. It never really did take off, but it did last long enough to spawn an offshoot, Progressives for Obama, in time for the 2008 Presidential election.

Manning Marable packed a lot of Marxism into his 60 short years.

His socialist legacy lives on in countless University campuses and political movements across the nation – even in the Oval Office itself.


Think Communism’s Not that Bad? Think Again.

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Mind Control. The New York Times has an article on the recently re-opened “National Museum of China,” located in Tiananmen Square, the location of the bloody Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4, 1989. Ironically, but not surprisingly, the museum contains not one mention of the incident. I have included a few excerpts from the article below. The discussion of the rampant revisionist history in this museum is painfully amusing – those same people who would wish socialism and communism upon the United States would hardly be delighted at the prospect of complete State control of mind and freedom…

At the elaborately renovated National Museum of China in Tiananmen Square, visitors interested in the recent history of the world’s fastest rising power can gaze at the cowboy hat that Deng Xiaoping once wore when he visited the United States, or admire the bullhorn that President Hu Jintao used to exhort people to overcome hardship after the Sichuan earthquake in 2008. But if their interests run to the Cultural Revolution that tore the country apart from 1966 to 1976 and resulted in millions of deaths, they will have to search a back corner of the two-million-square-foot museum, which will complete its opening this month, for a single photograph and three lines of text that are the only reference to that era…

In the 1990s, museum curators proposed a much franker look at the problems that led to the current era of reform. Initially, they designed a section called “10 years of tortuous development” on the 1950s and ’60s, including the Great Leap Forward’s devastating famine, according to Kirk Denton, a professor at Ohio State University who is writing a book on China’s museums. Curators proposed a similar section in the current exhibit, arguing that this era was decades in the past and the party was now strong enough to withstand criticism. That idea was rejected, however, after a lengthy debate, according to Ministry of Culture officials. In the end, the famine, widely regarded as the worst in recorded history, is only euphemistically mentioned by the phrase that “the project of constructing socialism suffered severe complications.” The Cultural Revolution was reduced to the photograph and brief caption.

“We wanted to celebrate China,” Mr. Tian said. “I think that’s understandable.”

Would encourage you to read the entire article for a reminder of why I am constantly dealing with the subject of Communism, internationally – but particularly as it affects the United States.


“The Bookworm Turns – A Secret Conservative In Liberal Land”

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

One of the best blogs out there is the Bookworm Room – no question. Trust me on this one – I have seen hundreds, maybe thousands come and go since I came online in 2001. I became friends with Bookie in an online forum years ago and I have voraciously read her posts at every opportunity. Witty, intelligent, reflective and often touching, her writings are what we all aspire to accomplish – a connection with others out there and a gift that we wield to express our thoughts in a manner that encourages others to do the same.

She is a also brave beyond belief, residing in a community that is overwhelmingly liberal (including her family) and she still has the spine to write what she thinks and to stand by her beliefs. That’s someone I would share a foxhole with – she has always had my back.

Bookie has just put together an e-book on her posts that have occurred over time. It is some of the best writing you will ever read. Riveting and compelling, it is absolutely addictive. I can’t recommend it highly enough. What are you waiting for? Buy it now… For a couple of dollars, you get something priceless for a change. You can now download a FREE Kindle e-reader for your computer direct from Amazon by the way.


George Soros’ New Plan for Global Financial Regulation

By: Arlen Williams
Big Government

What would you think if George Soros were organizing his fellow anti-American, globalist, neo-Marxist “thought leaders,” in pursuit of globally governed banking and finance, in a second Bretton Woods conference?

Would you consider that their goals include dragging American influence and incomes down, while confiscating much of our personal finances and giving them to other nations (and yes, the age-old financier network behind them) in the name of “communitarianism?”

Would you find their goal is to replace the bad influences of the IMF and the World Bank, with a much worse, more powerfully controlling, post-American global apparatus?

What would you think, if that meeting were being held this April 8th through 11th?

I got an email, last week; it was Tuesday the 22nd. It was from George Soros. To hear as straight from the dragon’s mouth as feasible, I had subscribed. In this emailed article, he lamented the inequities of wealth among the nation-states of Europe, under the strains of their continuing insolvency crisis. He warned of the dangers of national interest. Rather, he proposed, not surprisingly, a further blowing of the global insolvency bubble, so the more indebted European nations may get along owing, while their lending nations get along being owed — all the while, blending and worsening the financial and monetary crises and spreading this yeasty recipe further throughout the world, especially to America.

That was quite provocative.

Please be patient to let this article be a rather personal narrative and a kind of portal, and follow its links. Then, follow the links within the those articles. Perhaps, even one more layer. That will limit the redundancy involved and inform you as well as a book might, but in much less time. To begin, here are my observations upon receiving his email, “Oh. My. George. Soros on Europe’s Worsening Banking Crisis & the Most Evil Plan Yet.” Go ahead. Big Government will generously wait.

“’Most evil plan yet,’ was that an overstatement?” I wondered. No, knowing what one may see about Soros, it was not hyperbole and the statement was well with my soul. The next day, confirmation came from Dan Gainor of Business & Media Institute and Media Research Center, by his “Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy,” first published in Business & Media Institute and at Fox News.

If you read nothing else stemming from this introduction, do peruse that. There, Gainor puts this iniquitous plan into context and elucidates. Nope, not going to excerpt, nor even quote. Just read it if you have not by now, please.

It was my privilege to interview Dan last Monday night, for about a half-hour. That discussion may be found here.

Again, no reiterations offered, except that I will repeat that the documentation shows we were raped by European banks, in their own, deep insolvency trouble in 2008, using us at exactly the time it hurt us the most — during the Mortgage Meltdown’s peak, right before the general election. You know how that went. (It was also swept along as in the sport of curling, by peculiarly timed internal operations, including those of Soros comrades, Herb and Marion Sandler, and Senator Charles Schumer’s tongue. One must not distract further, by going on about the Community Reinvestment Act(s), Franklin Raines and Fannie Mae, the Pelosi Congress and their shoot-to-miss regulations, Goldman Sachs and friends, etc.)

That being our reminder of how they operate, what may we expect from our nation’s finances being thoroughly and systematically controlled by a megacartel of despotic foreign interests?

For further reading

And three caveats about this subject matter

1. Yes, this is anti-American and grossly evil. It is warfare against our People. America has been given us at great sacred cost, to preserve and pass along our freedom to our progeny. Just as our Constitution rests squarely upon our Declaration of Independence, our freedom rests upon our personal, intra-national, and national sovereignties. There is no exception to this rule, whether it is assailed by any seemingly altruistic ideas and ideals of global governance, or of global finance. And even the most generous offerings of internationalism require its antecedent, nationalism.

2. One must neither be taken with, nor be deterred by any coincidences of ethnic heritage, when studying banking, globalism, and collectivism. While antisemites will at times present lies and distortions as facts, facts by their nature, can not be prejudiced nor bigoted. Each individual is a free and ontologically equal, moral (and immoral) agent, all are sinners, all are offered redemption.

3. Come, let us be conspiracy investigators, regardless of the connotations and prior concoctions. I suggest you start, or start afresh, with the startling and paradigm shifting research led by a gentleman named Norman Dodd, an energetic but humble young banker from the prior century, who eventually found himself going to Washington and working for Congress. (Much of the records of the Reece Committee have been destroyed, hidden, or buried, but they are still preserved.) If you saw Glenn Beck’s TV program last Friday the 25th, about the Federal Reserve, you will recognize Mr. Dodd’s interviewer.

One reason there are so many wild claims in this subject matter is that not enough people of discipline and sound epistemology engage in it. But remember your Alinsky and do not be intimidated by ridicule. There is a vast, worldwide conspiracy shown a few inches from your nose right now and many near the core of it meet next week in New Hampshire.

Live free or die.

Follow those links.

And follow the money.


NAZI Political Biology: The Hotwiring of Power Politics, Naturalism, Environmentalism & Racism

From: Gulag Bound

by Mark Musser, author of the book Nazi Oaks, who will be our guest at Gulag Night, 10pm-Midnight, ET, tonight

Adolf Hitler once proclaimed, “we will not only create a Germany of power, but also a Germany of beauty.” Much earlier, and spoken at a time when Germany had been financially suffering for many years from what they deemed to be the international crisis of capitalism foisted upon them by the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler once simplified the purpose of the National Socialist movement, “I have the ambition to make the German people rich and Germany beautiful.” While scholar after scholar has spilled a lot of ink describing Nazi Germany’s political power and the Third Reich’s economy, relatively few have paid much attention to the second aspect of Hitler’s overall plans for Germany – to make it beautiful. This certainly would have included Hitler’s grandiose romantic plans to help turn cities like Berlin into a Greco-Roman Germania, but it also included sweeping environmental legislation at the federal level that made Nazi Germany the greenest regime on the planet by 1935.

By 1935, Nazi Germany had passed three landmark green laws at the federal level that were the most environmentally progressive of the era. They were all signed by the Fuhrer and considered to be his personal pet projects. The first was an animal rights protection law passed in 1933, followed by a very friendly environmental hunting law called the Reich Game Law in 1934. The capstone of Nazi ecology, however, was the Reich Nature Protection Law passed in 1935 called the RNG. This particular law was well ahead of its time as it promoted green social engineering schemes over private property along holistic, totalitarian lines. The Nazi slogan for the RNG was all encompassing, “it shall be the whole landscape!” Here is seen the birth of environmental effects reports and permits. Though seldom used, private property could also be expropriated without compensation for environmental reasons. That this was born in Nazi Germany is not an insignificant fact.

In addition to these environmental laws, the Nazis also started forestry practices called Dauerwald, which means ‘eternal forest.’ Some German greens had been pushing for Dauerwald to be put into practice at the federal level for years, but it was the Nazis who finally granted them their great wish. This ecological pipe dream that a forester is required to refrain from cutting conifer stands under 50 years of age, refrain from clear-cutting more than 2.5% of the forest, use single tree selection cutting principles rather than clear-cuts, cut the worst rather than the best trees, and refrain from cutting the oldest and the biggest trees – all at the same time – perhaps could have only worked in the depressed era that characterized Germany 1930-1935. Nazi foresters were also very concerned about eradicating diseased trees, not to mention invasive species, both of which they deemed detrimental to the German landscape. Thus the forest ecosystem must be kept consistent with its local Aryan healthy environment, “ask the trees, they will teach you how to become National Socialists!” Thus, the green anti-invasive cult, so prevalent these days, was emphasized with a vengeance in Nazi Germany.

The Nazis also incorporated a modernized agrarian romanticism into their movement as well. Heinrich Himmler and the SS dreaded over what they called “land flight.” Himmler, along with his agricultural mentor, Richard Walther Darre, actually believed that German racial biology was being destroyed by the cosmopolitan life of the cities. Germans were being uprooted from their homeland and enslaved to the artificial values of the Jewish international market on the one hand, and Jewish bolshevism on the other. Himmler opined that “the yeoman on his own acre is the backbone of the German people’s strength and character.” To counteract this existential crisis, Darre and Himmler came up with a cockamamie racial green doctrine called ‘blood and soil.’ The idea was to get German blood back out of the city into the soil of the countryside where they could become self-sufficient farmers in a ‘buy local’ scheme of racist proportions.

The great concern here was that many believed that Germany itself was running out of what they called ‘living space’ or Lebensraum. That Nazi Germany would soon be heading East in a massive blitzkrieg to claim areas where Aryan Germans lived, or had lived in the distant past, is thus perhaps not so curious. Although Himmler did have a secret plan to turn Poland and Russia into an independent industrial empire, he was nonetheless also heavily involved in a horrific green master plan for the occupied East as well. In fact, one of the reasons Himmler wanted to seize heavy industry in the East was to use it as a fund raiser to help pay for this plan. Himmler and Hitler had grandiose plans to turn the occupied East into a beautiful Aryan park of sorts where Germans and Nature could live more harmoniously together apart from the corruptions of the Jewish-American capitalistic complex. Indeed, on the night of January 28-29, 1942, Hitler commented, “I would regard it as a crime to have sacrificed the lives of German soldiers simply for the conquest of natural riches to be exploited in capitalist style. According to the laws of nature, the soil belongs to him who conquers it.”

Flag for sale at micetrap.net

Here is precisely where Hitler’s plans to make Germany rich, powerful and beautiful – all at the same time – not only came to a near apocalyptic head which exploded all of Europe into a fiery cauldron of death and destruction, but also compromised the green Nazi programs from the inside out. In order to resolve the Malthusian math problem that prophesied too many Germans with too few natural resources because of too narrow a living space – the Nazis needed a powerful army to expand their frontiers. However, in order to have a powerful army, the Nazis needed money, power and influence. In order to have this, the Nazis needed to compromise to some extent with the Wehrmacht, the German industrialists, and even with the German populace as well. This meant that even the environmental laws and practices of 1933-35 would also be compromised too. The ensuing war effort, called the great battle for production (The Four Year Plan), trumped almost every other concern. The National Socialist government jobs program also occasionally ran roughshod over the environmental laws. Nevertheless, the Four Year Plan was later to be regulated by an environmental planning book that was signed by all of the leading Nazis in 1938, and the ‘green’ farmers of Germany were to play a vital role in this whole endeavor.

These compromises were also further compounded by the Nazi self-sufficient drive toward national economic autarky. This invariably meant greater industrial activity inside of Germany’s borders, not to mention the greater need for more mining as well. This, in turn, also led to more than a few heated environmental discussions among the Nazi hierarchy. That there was a strong drive to make synthetic substitutes to make up for Germany’s dearth of natural resources is thus not so surprising. This would all but guarantee that the chemical giant IG Farben would become the heart of the Nazi economy. The Nazi economy became a growing ersatz economy as the 1930’s rolled along, and surprisingly enough, their subjugation of most of Europe did little to relieve them of their deficiencies. As they swallowed the various economies around them in their drive to obtain continental hegemony, they also inherited all of their problems as well. Ecologically, however, Germany itself began to experience some relief as raw materials could now be obtained elsewhere – which was largely the whole point of what lebensraum was all about.

The Nazis seized the German economy primarily by taking control of its imports. These imports were first given to the industrialists committed to the armaments buildup. While this greatly enriched the big industrialists and gave the appearance of a strong rebounding economy throughout the 1930’s, it also squeezed out the bourgeois middle class and subjected the average German consumer into increasing rationing, especially as the war kicked into high gear. The fact of the matter is that both Hitler and Goering were also sacrificing the entire German economy on the Greco-Roman altar of war. Sound financial decisions were seldom made during the Third Reich, something which Hjalmar Schacht, the chief financial architect of the regime, repeatedly warned against. In short, thanks to the war effort, both environmentalism and capitalism were left in the lurch.

National economic autarky also meant converting more German natural areas into farming tracts as much pressure was placed on German farms in order to feed all of the people. Here, Darre and Himmler’s anti-capitalist plans of building a greater Germany on the backs of the hearty peasant farmers closely tied to the land was compromised as well. Growing enough food to feed everyone quickly became more important than over how it was done. Thus, ironically enough, capitalistic farming rebounded in the later 1930’s. In 1942, Darre was dismissed as Nazi Germany’s Agricultural Minister because of his failure to provide enough food for Germans. This problem was partially relieved by stoking up the gas chambers on the Eastern Front.

Rather than suggest that Hitler and the Nazis did not care about their green programs – as many environmental historians have been all too quick to suggest – it is simpler to argue that Hitler was willing to temporarily contravene their own green laws in order to build a military machine capable of conquering all of Europe. After the war, the greater Reich would then return to its roots. Indeed, such green compromises did not go unnoticed by the Fuhrer. On July 5, 1942, Hitler said, “after the war, equally, we must not let control of the economy of the country slip from our hands. If we do, then once more all the various private interests will concentrate on their own particular objectives. The coastal population, for example, from the viewpoint of life as they see it, still regard land reclamation by means of dam construction as the last word in wisdom; in point of fact, however, land reclamation by this method is the purest folly, for we have all the land we need in the East. On the other hand, enrichment of the soil is still most important, and it must not be impeded by the interests of industry. When once we are convinced that slime from the seabed is, on account of higher nitrogen content, a better fertilizer than any artificial manure, we must transport whole trainloads of it, in spite of the protests of our chemical industry. As most people are egoists at heart, any efficient functioning of a national economy is not possible without State direction and control.” Nothing could be further from the truth than to suggest that the Nazis did not care about their green plans. In fact, in some ways, they were perhaps far more serious about them precisely because they were willing to go to war over them.

Arthur Schopenhauer, seminal thinker for Hitler & Greens

Most fundamental of all is that even Nazi racism was rooted in the romanticism, nihilism, and naturalism of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860), Richard Wagner (1813-1883), Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), and Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919). All of these men had a strong respect for nature, but also had varying degrees of anti-Semitic sentiments as well. Goethe was the veritable father of German romanticism together with the idea of the German volk (Germanic folk people), which slowly simmered the fires of racism throughout the 19th century until the Nazis Aryanized it in the 20th century. Schopenhauer was the great German scholar who finished off Immanuel Kant’s great legacy of plunging man entirely into nature as he left behind the last vestiges of his master’s moral argument for God’s existence. This also makes Schopenhauer one of the primary fathers of environmental ethics. That he was one of the original animal rights gurus of the modern era is no coincidence. More troubling is that Schopenhauer was also Hitler’s favorite philosopher, followed closely by Nietzsche. Wagner’s wild romanticism provided the musical background for the Nazis. Hitler borrowed from Nietzsche’s nihilistic will to power doctrine and converted it into a gigantic ‘triumph of the will’ that was to strengthen Germany by leaving behind the weaknesses of its previous Judeo-Christian heritage contrary to Nature’s stern laws. Thus, not surprisingly, the final natural ingredient of Nazism was Ernst Haeckel’s Social Darwinism where eugenics and ecology were hotwired together into a volatile holistic totalitarianism that placed the Aryans on top of the indigenous evolutionary totem pole – all allegedly undergirded by the biological sciences of the day. That Haeckel coined the very term ‘ecology’ in 1866 only further deepens the naturalistic ethics of the Nazis.

This rich concoction of explosive racism, naturalistic progress, nihilism, and romanticism had devastating consequences in World War II. 100 years of revolutionary German naturalism, romanticism, and nihilism was converted into eco-imperialism by Nazi ‘scientific’ racism on the Russian Front. In fact, the ‘dialectical’ relationship between racism, nihilism, romanticism, naturalism and environmentalism under the Nazi regime would even help give birth to the modern cult of sustainable development. The ‘green’ national geographic geopolitics of Karl Haushofer’s lebensraum doctrine was changed into a justification to invade Poland, Belorussia and the Ukraine where inferior Jews and Slavs, who did not know how to relate properly to Nature and her Social Darwinian laws, would be exterminated and enslaved. Superior Aryans would then resettle the conquered areas and be allowed to culturally develop the land into a grand Aryan frontier of sustainable development where German men and nature could live more harmoniously together. Such a hegemony under Nazi state control would also serve as an effective counterweight against the industrial might of North America, not to mention the growing industrialization of the USSR, which Hitler considered to be an outright declaration of war.

Buchenwald concentration camp; the oak tree was preserved

Nazism was a political biology based on eugenic science, dressed up in progressive naturalistic ethics, nihilistic power with ecological predilections. While such a contrasting tension between race and environmentalism, science and romanticism, power and beauty, Superman and Nature might all seem contradictory to many today, it was Dr. Robert Pois who strongly pointed out that, “However weak and inconsistent the natural religion grounded Weltanschauung appears when it is subject to reason informed scrutiny, the Nazis were convinced that they had succeeded in fusing the realms of nature and spirit, that the product of this fusion was or would be natural, Aryan man, and that the process of reinforming a decadent, bourgeois world with a new nature Mythus necessitated extermination of those whose very existence was an insult to the natural laws of life. It was no accident that the most successful purveyors of political mysticism to date provided that the last sight which greeted those who were to be exterminated, before they confronted the expression which crowned the gate of Auschwitz, ‘Arbeit Macht Frei, was that of a large tree, striking in its luxuriance.”


Mark Musser is the author of “Nazi Oaks: The Green Sacrificial Offering of the Judeo-Christian Worldview in the Holocaust” and a commentary on the warning passages in the book of Hebrews called “Wrath or Rest: Saints in the Hands of an Angry God.”