“The Bookworm Turns – A Secret Conservative In Liberal Land”

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

One of the best blogs out there is the Bookworm Room – no question. Trust me on this one – I have seen hundreds, maybe thousands come and go since I came online in 2001. I became friends with Bookie in an online forum years ago and I have voraciously read her posts at every opportunity. Witty, intelligent, reflective and often touching, her writings are what we all aspire to accomplish – a connection with others out there and a gift that we wield to express our thoughts in a manner that encourages others to do the same.

She is a also brave beyond belief, residing in a community that is overwhelmingly liberal (including her family) and she still has the spine to write what she thinks and to stand by her beliefs. That’s someone I would share a foxhole with – she has always had my back.

Bookie has just put together an e-book on her posts that have occurred over time. It is some of the best writing you will ever read. Riveting and compelling, it is absolutely addictive. I can’t recommend it highly enough. What are you waiting for? Buy it now… For a couple of dollars, you get something priceless for a change. You can now download a FREE Kindle e-reader for your computer direct from Amazon by the way.

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