Israeli Actor-Activist Shot Dead by Hamas Militants in West Bank

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In 2009, he told Israel’s army radio, “I am 100 percent Palestinian and 100 percent Jewish.”

His crime? Being Palestinian and Jewish. His one year old son was in the car with his nanny as well when it was riddled by bullets. They survived – he did not.


Rest in peace my friend.

One thought on “Israeli Actor-Activist Shot Dead by Hamas Militants in West Bank

  1. Some people will always look for equality and some people will prevent this to happen, it’s always a part of life, the balance on most things, dark-light, rich-poor…what I sometimes don’t understand is how another life should be perished just to let this universal instances to occur. Life can be quite cruel, Juliano had been a political activist for a long time and it ended his life. Hope his children can still continue his advocacy or at least more voice can be heard just how cruel those militants have done to someone with great purpose in life.

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