3 thoughts on “McCotter Brings Led Zeppelin to the House Floor (4.8.2011)

  1. If baggers stand for solvency, then bring the troops home. Military spending accounts for half the budget. Alas, this will not happen, since more often then not, military contractors are in bagger districts. To cut military spending, would be to lose bagger votes. Just another sacred cow. Just another welfare system.

  2. Military spending accounts for less than 13% of the Federal budget, check for yourself. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_United_States_federal_budget

    If we eliminate the DoD, who do we call when we get invaded? Who do the S. Koreans call? Who does the Middle East call? What happens when the oil stops flowing to us? Are you insane or completely stupid? Check out on the chart what occupies the largest part of the budget…that’s your “welfare”.

  3. Since when did defense spending end with the DoD? You either are oblivious to the machinations of governments or have disregarded history, or both.

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