Marxists and Muslim “Peaceniks” Unite Against America’s Military

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Glenn Beck and this blog have been saying for some time that the far left and radical Islam were working together against America.

Last weekend, the United National Antiwar Committee organized large Bring the Troops Home Now! rallies in New York and San Francisco.

Who is the United National Antiwar Committee?

Currently serving on the organization’s executive board are:

A promotional video for the event:

Imam Shamsi Ali, calls on Muslims to support the rally.

New York City Councilor and Workers World Party affiliate Charles Barron, addresses the New York rally.

100 New York Imams endorsed the rally, as well as leaders of Democratic Socialists of America, SEIU, American Muslim Association of North America, the Communist Party USA controlled U.S. Peace Council, Students for a Democratic Society, American Muslims for Emergency and Relief, Ahmed Shawki, editor, International Socialist Review, Al-Awda NY: the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, Fight Imperialism Stand Together, International Antiimperialist and People’s Solidarity Coordinating Committee, League for a Revolutionary Workers’ Party, Malcolm X Center for Self Determination, Marxism-Leninism Today, Muslim Solidarity Committee, Muslimah Writers Alliance, AFSCME, New Socialist Project, Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center, Radical Party of America, Revolutionary Organization of Labor, USA, Socialist Party USA and several hundred other Marxist, labor and Islamic organizations.

Even some Canadian socialist groups and the communist controlled New Zealand Peace Council endorsed the events.

Marxists and radical Islamists have little in common, but a hatred for American power. Together they make a powerful “5th column” on U.S. soil.

If they are not thoroughly investigated, exposed and opposed, they will eventually win. That cannot be allowed to happen.


Why Marxists Are Campaigning Against the US Defense Budget

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

The number one target of America’s enemies has always been the U.S. defense budget.

While the U.S. maintains the world’s most powerful military, America’s main enemies Russia, China, Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Vietnam, Venezuela, Nicaragua and their socialist, terrorist and Islamic allies around the world, are severely constrained in their plans for world domination. While they work to subvert America’s interests and allies at every opportunity, they must must be subtle and not too confrontational.

Certainly America’s numerous enemies dare not even think of attacking the continental US. Though they might possibly win, the risks would be great and the price horrendous.

Before America can be brought to its knees, the country must be bankrupted and defense spending severely reduced. That is the game-plan now being successfully carried out by America’s numerous internal enemies, from the White house, down to street level “peace” activists.

While America is pre-occupied with her runaway debt and perpetually looming government shutdowns, America’s enemies are seizing the opportunity to drive home their message.

Since the election of Barack Obama, the communists and Islamists who lead the U.S. peace movement, have de-emphasized the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and even Libya, in order not to overly embarrass their “friend,” the president.

Instead the “peaceniks” have shifted focus to attacking U.S. defense spending per se. The new “line” is to push for cuts to the defense budget in order to spend more on social services at home. Even some conservatives have swallowed aspects of this new radical argument.

Judith LeBlanc with Palestinian Terrorist Leader Yasser Arafat, 2002

Judith LeBlanc, is a vice-chair of the Communist Party USA and chairs its Peace and Solidarity Commission – the body charged with running the U.S. “peace movement” and liaising with foreign revolutionary movements. From 2005-2008, LeBlanc was the National Co-chair of United for Peace and Justice – an organization that she helped found. Currently, LeBlanc is the national field organizer for Peace Action, the country’s largest grassroots peace organization with 100,000 members across the country.

In April 2010, LeBlanc gave an interview entitled, Building a New Peace Movement, an Interview with Judith LeBlanc to the Communist Party’s Political Affairs, in which she explained the new role of the peace movement.

I believe that there are two trajectories for the peace movement. There is going to be a peace movement, a small one in size but continuing to be vocal, to bring all the troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq, but there is going to another kind of peace movement that is more centered on making the links between the economic crisis and militarism, in effect a new kind of movement that is more, in a basic sense, an anti-militarism movement, one that is taking up some of the basic cornerstones of US foreign policy in the longer term and in the bigger picture…

The new peace movement has to find ways to help people understand the impact wars and war spending is having on our lives and on the spending priorities of the federal government. Now 57 percent of the federal discretionary spending is on preparation for war or wars, for the military budget. We need a fundamental shift in spending priorities. So the new peace movement that needs to be built is really a peace and justice movement. It is about making the connections between the sacrifices that go on in our communities, the cuts in human services, and waging a battle to take the money from where it is going now, to begin to reduce spending on the military budget and move that money into funding education, health care, and infrastructure rebuilding.

This is a cynical , but clever move by the communists. By taking attention off Afghanistan and Iraq, the “peace movement” and the communists can spare their ally, president Barack Obama, considerable grief.

Instead of attacking the president over his continuing wars, the communists can marshal “peace” and leftist support behind the President’s high spending domestic agenda. It makes sense to focus on the “guns versus butter” argument at a time when most Americans are focused more on economic survival than national security issues.

The communist-led “Fifth Columnists” of the U.S. “peace movement” have analyzed the situation well. They have a “window of opportunity” to destroy U.S. military dominance once and for all – to make their own country vulnerable to enemy attack. They do not intend to waste it.


The dirty secret behind the American Clean Energy and Security Act

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Congressman Henry Waxman

The below article, originally published at Examiner.com, was contributed by Laura Rambeau Lee, Florida.

The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, H.R. 2454, sponsored by Representative Henry A. Waxman, CA, was passed by the House of Representatives on June 26, 2009, with a vote of 219 – 212, and was received by the Senate on July 6, 2009. The Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, S.1733, sponsored by Senator John F. Kerry, MA, was introduced on September 30, 2009. The House bill is 1428 pages and the Senate bill is 1758 pages.

This is another bill that has so much regulation attached to it, no one knows what all is included, and no one can say for certain how it will affect states, businesses and individuals. One thing is sure, this bill will put in place strict regulations for carbon emissions at all levels of our lives. According to The Pew Center, “It covers producers of generators of electricity, petroleum fuels, distributors of natural gas, producers of certain fluorinated gases (F-gases), and other specified sources. Greenhouse gases that are limited under the bill include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, sulfur hexafluoride, perfluorocarbons, nitrogen fluoride and hydrofluorocarbons emitted as a byproduct.”

What is being presented to us is that these new regulations are intended to mandate that all energy providers and large manufacturing facilities will be limited as to how much carbon dioxide they will be allowed to emit into the atmosphere. This article will relate strictly to carbon dioxide emissions, as this is the majority of the gases being emitted and of our principle concern. The energy companies will be required, on an increasing scale, to reduce their CO2 emissions and retrofit their operations to be “cleaner.” They will be required to offset some of their energy supply with wind, solar, nuclear and other cleaner and greener energy sources.

Many countries in the EU and states here in America have already had such regulations in place and they have failed miserably. What has happened is that, due to the imposition of “caps” on carbon dioxide emissions, and the requirement to retrofit or purchase carbon credits, this has increased the cost of providing energy to the consumer. As the consumers see their energy bills go up they have learned to cut back on their energy use, thereby reducing the income realized by the energy provider. But we need not worry about the profits of our energy providers dwindling, because in the Waxman bill, they have established a method of assuring that the profits of the utility companies do not suffer. It is called “decoupling.” Basically what they do is separate out the cost to provide energy from the profit base of the company. In this report from the Institute for Energy Research entitled Electric Revenue Decoupling Explained, dated February 13, 2009 by Robert J. Michaels, he sets out the rationale for this. If an energy provider stands to lose income by encouraging its customers to conserve, they need some incentive or assurance that their bottom line will not be negatively impacted.

All in all, it is we, the customers, who stand to lose and pay much more for our energy if this legislation is passed. Once again, this is bad policy that only benefits big government through outrageously intrusive legislation and regulation, and the carbon credit exchange brokers, who earn fees with every carbon credit being bought and sold. People such as Al Gore, Bill and Hillary Clinton, several executives with Goldman Sachs, etc, who have large stakes invested in companies such as the Chicago Climate Exchange will be earning tens of billions if not hundreds of billions of dollars with this “scheme.” And, it really does nothing to save the earth!

Below, “The Bears” discuss the dirty secret behind the Clean Energy Act: