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  1. I loved this and would love to do this in the community where I live if you could tell me what I would have to do to organize one I would love to hear about it thank you.

    Love In Christ

    Brenda Lautenschlaeger

  2. My suggestion would be to initially select a charity you would like to raise funds for. Once you have that achieved, ask friends and anyone professonal, for example a popular older DJ from your area bcz they have the know how, been there memories to re-create and the talent to possibly be the key to making the event to repeat the following year…

    Then try to select members of your committee to be responsible for advertising and media exposure; tv you may have someone in mind that can disco like a backup from the Saturday Night Fever line dance.

    If the charity you select is a non-profit, you are eigible for PSA advertising. Public Service Advertising is offered by all medias, if you have a talented friend or even if you solicitate that individua, having experience in all medias is almost a must be all things to insure the word gets out. ypour pictjure…speaking of pics, the one you have posted [it JUST FINISHED LOADING]is called a ‘MOB’ .

    Quite frankly, everything suggested would apply regarding a charty, committee, and a local radio station DJ. If this was me myself and I the solicitation of the committee to local businesses and various groups would assist in getting the amount of bodies needed which would be determined by where you plan on doing the event. Here is where you raise money comes in.

    I hve been put in jail or my communitty b4 whre in order for me to get out someone or a business bails you out for whatever price you have around your neck. There is also the MS WALK where the walkers get both bsinesses and inividuals who will pay per mile through pledging. or a function it would be per dance suggesing $5 a dance for under 20 dances they last, $l0 a dance for 20 or more….

    You will need someone in chrge of the money as far as the vouchers an or pledges. The tallying of the participants would rely on honesty and better yet, depending on the total population of this mob, I suggest plcing SPOTTER voucher collectors at the ends of the lines of mobbers that keep track ofthe dances done cntinuously so when one dops, tops they have the ques fromthe DJ and their personl dance count.THERE SHOULD BE NO REASON FOR $$$$ to be present during the event.

    The person placed in the money overseer, secretary, keeper of the lunch tokens then will have the voucher pledges counted per obtaining an amount total to record. There should be printed on each voucher pledge the information needed to create a pledge document which a copy of the voucher pledge ticket will have the info fom the day of the event that can be used for taxes. Have a crew ready to help with cleaup and don’t forget to gt the permit needed. Or if you need to have accmmodations for traffic control, garbage removl, water available for the patcipants…a whole lotta work!!!

    This is not as larg as it could be. i have been active in fndraising and charity events fr over 30 years…i always wondered why i was asked to be amember or chair so often for all these years. i put this together s i typed it…my brain is tired! good luck….i know why heyasked me now. it wasnt because i was a great speaker! typo teri renee blehm

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