Sam Webb: Communist Leader Lays Out Stark Choice for America

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

The Communist Party USA held a special annual conference in New York over the weekend. Normally national conferences are only held every 5 years or so. This one was held to help build the current anti-Republican movements playing out recently in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, California and other states and to prepare to for the crucial 2012 elections.

Party National Secretary Sam Webb delivered the keynote speech and like most communist leaders, is a pretty tedious speaker. Stick with him though, as he does make the battle lines for America clear.

Either the Tea Party/Republicans win in 2012, or the Communist Party/Democratic Socialists of America/Democrats do.

That is the stark choice facing America and the rest of the free world.

Also, hope you notice Terrie Albano‘s little joke that Sam Webb may have had a hand in the “dumping” of Glenn Beck form Fox News.

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One thought on “Sam Webb: Communist Leader Lays Out Stark Choice for America

  1. Glenn Beck has been speaking out of turn for so long it’s about time someone like Terrie put in a dig or two. I have to admit that I still do watch him from time to time but not on Fox news any longer, LOL.

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