San Fran’s Blasphemous “Hunky Jesus” Competition

Content Warning… No photo on this site folks. You’ll have to go over to Pajamas Media for that.

Zombie has a new article and photo shoot out that made me do a double-take. When you read it, make sure you read the whole thing. The first part is satire. The piece really is the opposite of what it starts out to be. And, just a thought, be prepared for the pics. They are – different.

Having said that, the article is excellent. The subject, if you are a Christian, will really, really piss you off though. And when you are reading it (and you should), just know, I’m right there with ya brother or sister… While I respect Zombie’s attitude towards the contest, I find it blasphemous since I am a Christian and personally consider Easter to be a holy time.

What makes the post compelling – other than the excellent writing and great photography – is the aspect that San Francisco shows a lack of faith that is common these days I believe. It shows the basest form of humanity and what we should stay away from. I have friends who live there, but I have always considered San Francisco to be a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. I found it hard to look at the photos, but hey, I’m just a prudish Christian right?

I would read this and get a glimpse into the dark, liberal, progressive movement. You can’t appreciate evil, if you don’t fully know what you are fighting.

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