Trump is Bad Theater

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Hat Tip: Brian B.

I caught Trump on Fox News this morning, blowing his own horn for getting Obama’s birth certificate released. Yawn… This is a false flag tactic folks. Do not fall for Trump’s crowing. He is a fraud and the worst form of bad theater.

Trump is trying to capitalize on populism. He’s not truly interested in exposing anything. ANYTHING. Now he’s calling for Obama’s school records. First, let me say, yep… Obama should have released all of this to begin with. Now he’s using it as a distraction so you won’t look at what is really going on. Specifically, the Fed and the debt.

Trump is for Canadian-style socialist healthcare. When asked about Soros, he says leave the man alone. He says that Soros has enough problems. Really Mr. Trump? I contend that Soros is BEHIND most of our problems and we should look at who is BEHIND Soros.

Trump says we should lay off the budget issue. The budget issue is THE issue that will take us down. Trump knows this.

Trump gave 50k to Rahm‘s mayoral campaign. He claims to be a Republican. Well, if he is, he is a progressive. Personally, I think he is in this for one of two reasons:

1. To detract from Obama for Hillary. The birth certificate claim was originally a Hillary Clinton tactic.
2. If by some miracle he wins the Republican nomination (he won’t), he is a progressive and the left still wins.

Do not fall for the Donald. He is a progressive and will seal the fate of America. America should tell the Donald he is fired…

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