A temporary coup d’etat?

By: Andrea Shea-King
The Radio Patriot

Obama, who looks like the smallest guy in the room and still wearing his golf jacket and golf shoes, was told about the mission while on the golf course. “President Obama was literally pulled from a golf outing and escorted back to the White House to be informed of the mission. “

The White House Insider has revealed what really happened in the White House over the weekend regarding the killing of Usama bin Laden. That is, if you believe it. And an increasing number of people seem to be. Why? Because it is so plausible. You can’t make this stuff up. Or can you??? It is corroborated, at least on the important points, by Politico.

For Obama, who has been sharply criticized for his lack of decisiveness in the early stages of the Libya operation, and dismissed as a military naif by conservatives — the decision to approve the raid on Abbottabad was an enormous risk. There was no guarantee bin Laden was actually in the compound, and no assurance that the Navy SEALs helicoptered into the compound wouldn’t share the fate of the eight service members who died in Jimmy Carter’s “Desert One” failed attempt to rescue American hostages in Iran three decades ago.

Now Ulsterman has published a White House insider’s fascinating and all too believable account of how Obama, influenced by his “brain” Valerie Jarrett, kept stalling a decision, forcing a coup d’etat by those around him.

What happened from there is what was described by me as a “masterful manipulation” by Leon Panetta. Panetta indicated to Obama that leaks regarding knowledge of Osama Bin Laden’s location were certain to get out sooner rather than later, and action must be taken by the administration or the public backlash to the president’s inaction would be “…significant to the point of political debilitation.”

It was at that time that Obama stated an on-ground campaign would be far more acceptable to him than a bombing raid. This was intended as a stalling tactic, and it had originated from Jarrett. Such a campaign would take both time, and present a far greater risk of failure. The president had been instructed by Jarrett to inform Mr., Panetta that he would have sole discretion to act against the Osama Bin Laden compound. Jarrett believed this would further delay Panetta from acting, as the responsibility for failure would then fall almost entirely on him.

What Valerie Jarrett, and the president, did not know is that Leon Panetta had already initiated a program that reported to him –and only him, involving a covert on the ground attack against the compound. Basically, the whole damn operation was already ready to go – including the specific team support Intel necessary to engage the enemy within hours of being given notice.

Panetta then made plans to proceed with an on-ground assault. This information reached either Hillary Clinton or Robert Gates first (likely via military contacts directly associated with the impending mission) who then informed the other. Those two then met with Panetta, who informed each of them he had been given the authority by the president to proceed with a mission if the opportunity presented itself.

Both Gates and Clinton warned Panetta of the implications of that authority – namely he was possibly being made into a scapegoat. Panetta admitted that possibility, but felt the opportunity to get Bin Laden outweighed that risk.

During that meeting, Hillary Clinton was first to pledge her full support for Panetta, indicating she would defend him if necessary. Similar support was then followed by Gates.

The following day, and with Panetta’s permission, Clinton met in private with Bill Daley and urged him to get the president’s full and open approval of the Panetta plan. Daley agreed such approval would be of great benefit to the action, and instructed Clinton to delay proceeding until he had secured that approval.

Daley contacted Clinton within hours of their meeting indicating Jarrett refused to allow the president to give that approval. Daley then informed Clinton that he too would fully support Panetta in his actions, even if it meant disclosing the president’s indecision to the American public should that action fail to produce a successful conclusion. Clinton took that message back to Panetta and the CIA director initiated the 48 hour engagement order.

At this point, the President of the United States was not informed of the engagement order – it did not originate from him, and for several hours after the order had been given and the special ops forces were preparing for action into Pakistan from their position in Afghanistan, Daley successfully kept Obama and Jarrett insulated from that order.

This insulation ended at some point with an abort order that I believe originated from Valerie Jarrett’s office, and was then followed up by President Obama. This abort order was later explained as a delay due to weather conditions, but the actual conditions at that time would have been acceptable for the mission. A storm system had been in the area earlier, but was no longer an issue. Check the data yourself to confirm.

Jarrett, having been caught off guard, was now scrambling to determine who had initiated the plan. She was furious, repeating the acronym “CoC” (ed: Chain of Command) and saying it was not being followed. This is where Bill Daley intervened directly. The particulars of that intervention are not clear to me beyond knowing he did meet with Jarrett in his office and following that meeting, Valerie Jarrett was not seen in the West Wing for some time, and apparently no longer offered up any resistance to the Osama Bin Laden mission.

What did follow from there was one or more brief meetings between Bill Daley, Hillary Clinton, a representative from Robert Gates’ office, a representative from Leon Panetta’s office, and a representative from Jim Clapper’s office. I have to assume that these meetings were in essence, detailing the move to proceed with the operation against the Osama Bin Laden compound.

I have been told by more than one source that Leon Panetta was directing the operation with both his own CIA operatives, as well as direct contacts with military – both entities were reporting to Panetta only at this point, and not the President of the United States. There was not going to be another delay as had happened 24 hour earlier.

The operation was at this time effectively unknown to President Barack Obama or Valerie Jarrett and it remained that way until AFTER it had already been initiated. President Obama was literally pulled from a golf outing and escorted back to the White House to be informed of the mission.

You can’t make this stuff up. Or can you??? Click here to read it all.


Top Communist – Labor Key For Obama in 2012

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

According to Ben Sears, Labor Editor for the Communist Party USA‘s Political Affairs magazine, organized labor will pull out all the stops for Barack Obama in 2012.

Organized labor will be among President Barack Obama’s most determined supporters in 2012. Obama’s return to office will be regarded as a matter of life and death for the labor movement. However, labor will be aiming higher in 2012 than in 2008. For American workers, organized and unorganized, the 2012 election will be about much more than the race for the White House, as important as that will be.

Why should unions back Obama? Writes Sears:

First the Obama Administration has, over the last two plus years, accomplished much on behalf of working people. We have seen the passage of a stimulus package that prevented the Great Recession from deteriorating into a second Great Depression. We have seen the passage of health care legislation that expands affordable coverage to millions of working Americans and their families. And we have seen Presidential appointments to the Supreme Court, to the Cabinet and to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that all have the potential to change the environment in which American workers struggle. We have been encouraged by the President’s recent pledge that Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare would not be cut while he was in the White House. And we can point to other recent developments that underline the significance of the changes that have occurred since the departure of George W. Bush from the White House.

Despite disappointments, such as Obama’s failure to pass the Employee Free Choice Act, and the as yet not fully socialized Obamacare, Sears believes that unions will not only back Obama, but reach out to other sectors of the US left to do so:

What needs to be emphasized is that the disagreements and the disappointments should not dampen labor’s support for Obama in 2012. If anything, these experiences will strengthen labor’s determination to flex its muscle, to struggle to defeat conservative and reactionary anti-people candidates, and to build and expand its own independent role in our nation’s politics. This will require labor to reach out and build alliances with other core forces with renewed determination. This has been the message from labor speakers at rallies across the country this spring. As Patrick Eiding, President of the Philadelphia AFL-CIO told a rally against education cuts on April 4, “We are coming together as working people, union and non-union. We have to spread the word that we will not let corporate leaders steal our country.” Or as Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) told the same rally honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, “King walked to bring together the labor community and the civil rights community; we need to bring them together as never before.”

Lenin did not describe labor unions as “transmission belts of communism” for nothing.


What the Left-Wing Media Would Say If Bush Were President Right Now

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

From Brent:

The Bush regime has once again violated the sanctity of a sovereign nation and acted unilaterally to bring destruction and war to the peaceful Islamic people of Pakistan by attacking a compound hiding Osama Bin Laden. U.S. military killers shot dead a female in a ruthless exchange of gunfire that may lead to an increase in global warming and local pollution in Abbotabad, Pakistan.

Bush’s reckless military expedition into Pakistan resulted in the loss of a military M-60 helicopter which released caustic smoke into the earth’s atmosphere as it burned, threatening nearby residents with toxic Western-style laissez faire pollution and filth.

Bush has staunchly opposed any efforts to make our military helicopters green-compliant and bio-degradable, despite virulent protests by PETA and the Daily Show’s John Stewart.

Although the operation was successful in killing Bin Laden, it raises troubling questions about the cowboy-like response in acting unilaterally and and not seeking approval and a corresponding resolution from the United Nations Security Council. This opens a dangerous chapter in American foreign policy.

Seeing the disturbing display of triumphalism in the streets of the U.S.A. over the brutal death of Osama Bin Laden may be a sign that this nation is creating its own cadre of future American terrorists. The Bush regime will stop at nothing in order to create a super-state of warmongers and baby-killers as evidenced by the recent violent incursion into Pakistan.

British scientists have reached a consensus and agree that the recent murder of Osama Bin Laden will cause a tear in the space-time continuum and cause gas prices to decrease dramatically; thereby polluting the world even more with noxious fumes and terrifying greenhouse gases.

Unfortunately, the demise of Bin Laden will only increase recruitment by Al Qaeda and expand Bush’s war. This should prove to be a real boost to Halliburton’s profit margin and an end to “liberal civilization” as we know it.

It is unclear how many innocent animals were hurt or killed in the illegal raid on the Bin Laden compound in Pakistan.


Revenge Promised

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

From Fox News:

A top Al Qaeda ideologue has promised revenge for the killing of militant leader Usama Bin Laden by U.S. forces in the first jihadist admission of his death.

The commentator, going by the online name “Assad al-Jihad2″ posted Monday on extremist websites a long eulogy for bin Laden and promised to “avenge the killing of the Sheik of Islam.”

He also announced that anyone thinking the jihad had ended just had to “wait a little bit.”

Militant websites regularly post long interviews with al-Jihad2 on the protocols of waging holy war and he is often used to resolve questions of doctrine.


We Begin to Say Goodbye to an Old Friend…

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

My heart is heavy today as one of my longtime friends has begun his final journey here on earth.

Bill Bauers was a Navy SEAL – one of the best. He was a casino boss, an inventor and a business man. We met in the arena of politics years ago and became the best of friends.

Always brave, he suffered a catastrophic accident over 35 years ago. He was going up to Mt. Charleston to breed a dog of his and a herd of wild horses landed on his car, snapping his neck. Bill survived, but as a quadriplegic.

Always the optimist, he has survived all these years because he loves life. Several months ago, he was diagnosed with stage 4 spinal cancer. It has taken its toll. And now a brave, brave good man is showing what it means to travel to the end of this life with dignity, grace and fortitude. While my tears flow, he is strong – always the warrior. Bill doesn’t fear what is next. He is just sad to leave us behind.

Today he entered the hospital as the pain has become too extreme. He does not expect to come out. My heart is heavy, but I hold faith, love and a knowledge that where he goes there will be no more pain and brave men and women find peace, happiness and fulfillment.

God speed my friend. It is only my selfishness that desperately wishes that you could stay.


By: Garry L. Hamilton

Well, crap.

Back in 1992, in the heady days of the Ross Perot campaign, my wife and I met a man to whom we would become close — family close — over the ensuing years.

William Bauers, former Navy SEAL, engineer, inventor, business owner, and political orphan (as so many of us were), was sitting at our table, but in a different kind of chair. His had wheels.

He was irrepressible and indefatigable. A big guy, even sitting down, he had been confined to that chair ever since a freak accident had left him paralyzed.

He parlayed that into a favorable factor when he challenged the limo licensing in Las Vegas, and became the first new licensee in decades. He had designed and built a limo that accommodated wheelchair-bound passengers while they were still in the chair. He ran that company successfully until a couple of his employees sabotaged the operation. It was never proven, but the tells were all there for interference by one of the other large carriage companies.

He had the weirdest sense of humor, and a large collection of dirty jokes. He would meet someone — like a waitress or other staffer — and, when he saw that they were awkward about his condition, he would say something snarky like, “you only treat me different because I’m black.” (Bill is as white as they come.) Or, “you just say that because you’re hot for my body.” It could be really hard to keep a straight face around Bill.

My older sister worked for him as a live-in for a time when his other gal moved to be with family.

He had a motor home that he’d adapted to his chair with a large map of the USA on the back, with each state he’d visited colored in. He was only missing about ten states.

Eventually, his wife died, and one after another his live-in assistants died or had to leave, putting him at last in the helpless position of depending on the VA for nearly everything. And so it has been for these last seven years.

Now, it looks like he may be headed for one last muster.

He has spinal cancer, has had it for a while now, and he’s about to enter the hospital for what he believes will be the last time.

He has no fear of what is in store for him. In the last 35 years of being stuck in that chair, he’s pretty much had time to come to terms with it all. He hates leaving his friends behind.

He talked to my wife today. She wrote a thing. She’s kind of a mess just now.

Prayers for our friend Bill. He’s prepping for a trip to his new home in Valhalla.

We’ll miss him.

Oh, and BTW, Bill called some of his old compadres in the SEALs to confirm the Bin Laden thing. The essential story being told is true. There are a couple of additional elements that really add nothing to the story (how the body was weighted, stuff like that) but the basic event is as reported. And that made Bill happy.

~~ Garry