‘College Conspiracy’ the Documentary Coming on May 15th

From: National Inflation Association

The National Inflation Association (NIA) is getting ready to release its latest feature documentary ‘College Conspiracy’. NIA intends to release the movie 5 days from now on Sunday, May 15th. ‘College Conspiracy’ will be the most comprehensive documentary ever produced that exposes the facts and truth about U.S. college education, which NIA considers to be the largest scam in American history.

Despite college tuition inflation being the most consistent form of price inflation over the past decade, 70.1% of high school graduates are currently enrolling into college, a new record. The value of a college degree is declining even faster than tuitions are skyrocketing in price, but students are being brainwashed by the college-industrial complex, which is working in cahoots with the mainstream media and U.S. government to turn students into indentured servants for life.

Back in 1960, only 45.1% of American high school students enrolled into college. However, during the following 8 year period from 1960 to 1968, the number of high school graduates enrolling into college increased by 90.5%. America’s college enrollment rate broke 50% for the first time in 1965 and reached a high in 1968 of 55.4%.

Most people don’t realize what caused the majority of Americans to begin enrolling into college. The initial dramatic increase was caused almost entirely by the Vietnam War. Attending college was a valid exemption to avoid the draft for the Vietnam War. With millions of Americans not wanting to risk their lives by fighting in a war, attending college was an easy way to get out of the draft. The draft was used as a powerful persuasive device to convince Americans to attend college.

After the college enrollment rate reached a peak in 1968 of 55.4%, as the draft came to an end, it dropped over the next 6 years to a low in 1974 of 47.5%. 11 years later in 1985, the college enrollment rate reached a new record high of 57.7%. Since then, the college enrollment rate has increased steadily to its current record level of 70.1%. ‘College Conspiracy’ will expose why college enrollment rates have risen to artificially high levels and why a major collapse in college enrollments is imminent, and how this will destroy the lives of millions of Americans.

If you believe college is such a great thing for our nation, with enrollments at a record high of 70.1%, you really need to ask yourself how it is possible our nation is in the dire shape it’s in today. We are a nation of unhealthy junk food eating prescription drug addicts who have elected the most incompetent group of representatives to Congress in history. If college education was working, then why is it that our ivy league educated Congressmen have been trying to fix our problems that were created by having too much debt, by increasing our budget deficits and getting us trillions of dollars deeper into debt? Colleges have brainwashed students with dangerous Keynesian economic principles that have put our nation on the brink of hyperinflation. Ironically, hyperinflation is quite possibly the only way for Americans with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans to ever escape their debts!

The college education industry has used fraud and deception to brainwash prospective college students and their parents. ‘College Conspiracy’ will expose the fraudulent tactics being used today by colleges and universities to mislead and deceive students and their families. There are so many young Americans today who have an inkling in their mind that college isn’t for them, but their parents, teachers, and guidance counselors don’t know any better than to intensely pressure them to apply. It is a real shame that the majority of the U.S. population has fallen for the propaganda being spread by the college cartel.

NIA believes that ‘College Conspiracy’ will help convince American students and their parents to think for themselves. Too many Americans have become sheep to the system and either attend college or force their children to attend college, simply because that is what everybody else is doing. During the Real Estate bubble there were many people who said, “Yes, I know this 2 bedroom shack that is in a state of disrepair isn’t worth $500,000, but if I don’t buy it now I will be priced out of the market forever.” Today, many people are saying, “Yes, I know spending $35,000 per year on tuition and getting deeply into debt to attend college isn’t worth it, but if I don’t get a degree now, I won’t be able to even get a job at McDonald’s in future.” This is pure insanity and proves that we have a college bubble.

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