5 thoughts on “Shocking Excerpts Read at Tucson School Board Meeting From A Book In The Ethnic Studies

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  3. The money schools receive is based on the number of kids attending the school. Set up community home-schools if you can. When enrollment declines, these hate-factories will start to close. That’s the only way we’re going to be able to protect ALL the kids. Shut them down by un-enrolling the kids.

    If you doubt whether you can home-school kids, don’t doubt it at all. You can do it! Home-schooled kids score higher than public schooled kids. Why? Because they actually learn when they’re not in those public-indoctrination camps… I mean campuses.

  4. You wouldn’t believe the song and dance I had to go through to view the books at a local school (a”top-rated” one). They gave me the third degree, and I demanded to view grades 1-8th. As I told them I am a taxpayer and my money is going to help pay for these schools. Finally, after THREE Months of calling this principle and that principle, I was Finally permitted to view the books that the principle had on his desk as he was awaiting my arrival. He led me to a private room, and I spent at least an hour or so going over these text books. All I can say, is if you parents of school children do not oversee ALL the Books your children are using in and out of school, you better Start! And you have every right to view the Teachers’ also. To make a long story short, I will just give you one example of what they are teaching your children…. This is at the Grade school level…in their social studies book, it said, “There is nothing wrong with you (students) having different moral beliefs than your parents, you are your own individual and you have every right to act, think and believe as you so choose.” This statement Alone should make ALL parents pause and think what is the best thing to do in educating your children. After I was done, the school principle did not want to meet with me just for a minute, so I waited until I finally got a hold of him to ask him, “What are you doing to these children? What I read in these books is Nothing short than raping the minds of these students.” His one and Only reply was, “There is nothing I can do, we just have to use what they send us.” Parents….Parents…Please…Please..start your own homeschooling or whatever else you parents can come up with that will not jeapordize your childrens’ mental healthand well-being,… their indoctrination of something much bigger than you could ever imagine!

  5. Hi “me”, thank you so much for doing what you did and – even more important – thank you for sharing what happened and what you found. Please spread your story far and wide. Everyone needs to know.

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