Ex-Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, In Iran, Says Sarah Palin Helped ‘Hijack’ The Tea Party

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A former Congresswoman and a current fascist/Communist. Aligning with our enemies. Evil attracts evil. Insanity attracts insanity. McKinney and the progressive left are terrified of Palin, because she IS everything that is good and right about this nation. She will wipe the floor with them.

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Destructive Joplin, Missouri Tornado

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Pray for those in Joplin. Last I heard 89 were dead and many were missing. Three quarters of the town was basically wiped off the map by the hand of G-d. I have friends on their way there now to help as much as they can… G-d speed.


Three-Quarters of Joplin, MO Destroyed

Damage Unimaginable

Town Unrecognizable

89 dead after tornado in Joplin, Missouri; number expected to rise

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‘Cut the city in half’: Death toll rises to 89 in Missouri tornado