Memorial Day 2011

LISA POOLE / ASSOCIATED PRESS Andrew Coville, of Yarmouth, Mass., right, mourns his best friend, Cpl. Nicholas Xiarhos, during a burial service at the Massachusetts National Cemetery in Bourne, Mass. Xiarhos died after being mortally injured in a roadside bomb blast in southern Afghanistan. August, 2009

Today we remember and thank all our heroes in every branch of service who have served and are serving in our military. Without you there would be no freedom, no light, no America. Thank you is not nearly enough to say to those whose courage protects us night and day. We honor you, we love you and when you fall, we mourn you. You are truly G-d’s warrior angels.

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Memorial Day



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From Benjamin Smith:

History is written on the papyrus of the victor, penned in the blood and toil of those that stood to fight.

For those that stood to fight…… You fought against an insurmountable foe in the Revolution, turned a world power on its heals then gave us the Constitution that we have today.
For those that stood to fight…… You fought for a reason, for a cause, for an Idea, For FREEDOM
For your sacred flame……. We are thankful

For those that stood to fight…… You fought against your family, friends and countrymen in the Civil War.
For those that stood to fight…… You fought because of personal values, goodness and equal justice, the fate of a nation.
For your rightious hearts and goodness……. We are thankful

For those that stood to fight…… You fought against evil in WWII against people that wished to conquer the world and commit genocide
For those that stood to fight…… You fought for your families, fought for your wives, your Countrymen.
For your selfless sacrifice and devotion…….. We are thankful

For those that stood to fight…. You fought from the mountains of Afghanistan to the patties of Viet Nam in caves and in holes
For those that stood to fight…. You fought against Communism, Socialism and a way of life that wished to consume and rule you.
For your unrelenting faith in the America to this day that the people spitting on you couldn’t see………. WELCOME HOME!

For those that stood to fight….. You fought for life on 911, to kill the Taliban in A-stan then Al-Quida in Iraq.
For those that stand to fight….. You are my neighbor, friend, brother. We are all in this together against evil.
To have been alive during your time earth, to have the honor of knowing you and to tell your stories in your stead…. For this I am honored!

For those that stood to fight and who fought and fell we owe YOU the most sincere and deepest debt of gratittude. You are the pedigree of an American Ideal that throughout history have fought valiantly and nobley for a way of life that is the most just, giving, kind, equal, strong and blessed civilizations in the history of man. Your actions on the field of Battle speak louder than any words of any politician. You led America into the most perilous places with a selfless desire for your fellow man and justice in your heart. You sought the threats to our way of life, stood up to them from our own shores to half a world away without asking for anything extra. With faith in your heart and American Exceptionalism in your soul you stood to fight! Your body reaped by this earthly plane but your soul sores skyward. You are eternal in the memories of those who fought next to you and inspirations to those who hear about you for generations to come. YOU ARE THE AMERICA I AM PROUD OF!

Why?…… “So Others May Live”.

A Very Somber, Respectful – Hoo-Yah Hoo-Yah Hoo-Yah
on this Somber, Respectful day……..

Very Humbly

Benjamin Smith


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Remembering the Fallen – Memorial Day 2011

From Dave Perkins:

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

G. K. Chesterton