Mexican Cartels Take “War on Drugs” to New Level With 100 Homemade Tanks

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The Daily Mail reported:

Huge and imposing, these heavily-armoured converted trucks look like the warrior trucks out of action film Mad Max.

But the vehicles, cloaked in inch-thick steel plates, are actually the DIY project of Mexican drug cartels.

Gangs have transformed the pick-up trucks as part of their arsenal of weapons to battle with rivals for supremacy in the drug trade.

There are believed to be at least 100 in existence, and one video by Porvenir TV shows a warehouse housing other trucks waiting to be renovated by the cartels.

The monster trucks are capable of resisting explosives because metal plates have been welded onto them.

Other seized tanks were fitted with a revolving gun turret which can fire bullets in any direction.


Thanks Barack… Class of 2011 Faces Highest Unemployment Rate For College Grads in History

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From the video:

The class of 2011 will likely face the highest unemployment rate for college graduates… in history. 1.7 million college students will graduate this spring. Has Washington prepared the job market for this many new graduates? Unemployment is now 9.1 percent, the highest in 2011. Underemployed: 19.2 percent. This year: 21.1 applicants per job opening. High government spending makes businesses uncertain of future tax and interest rates, which leaves them unwilling and unable to invest in new jobs or growth. Uncertainty over the future of the economy is keeping American businesses from recovery. Are Washington’s policies fostering a climate of job creation? It’s time for Washington to stop overspending. It’s time for Washington to tackle the $14.3 trillion debt and promote job creation.

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