Misery Rises Because of Obama’s “Change”

By: AJ

When Obama took office, here’s where we were with respect to unemployment, inflation and the Misery Index:

January 2009

Unemployment = 7.80%
Inflation = 0.03%
Misery = 7.83%

Here’s what Obama’s “Change” has brought to America after almost half of his term in office is up:

May 2011

Unemployment = 9.1%
Inflation = 3.57%
Misery = 12.67%

Here’s the “Change” he brought us in our national debt:

January 2009 = $10.632080 Trillion [Took 233 years and 43 Presidents to accumulate this debt]

May 2011 = $14.344668 Trillion [Took 2.3 years and 1 President to add $3.7126 Trillion in debt]

Based on Obama’s 2011 budget, the national debt will rise to $15.781051 Trillion by the end of this year; that’s $5.15 Trillion that he overspent in just 3 years.

While American citizens and businesses pump anywhere from $2.1 to $2.6 Trillion into the Federal government each and every year in taxes, keep in mind that it’s not enough for Obama. Since he took office, he’s spent all of what we’ve given (approximately $7.05 Trillion) plus the massive overspending he’s done each year he’s been in office:

Obama’s 2009 overspending = $1.646556 Trillion
Obama’s 2010 overspending = $1.852415 Trillion
Obama’s 2011 overspending (estimated) = $1.65 Trillion

Thus, Obama has actually spent a grand total of about $12.2 Trillion of our hard-earned money in just 3 years and he’s saddled us, our children and grandchildren with what he overspent.

Have you received a 48% increase in pay in the last 3 years? Obama’s big government did. Has the $12.2 Trillion he’s spent helped you? Or are you feeling the pinch as food and energy prices “necessarily skyrocket”?

With Obama’s massive spending, the likes of which we’ve never seen in the history of our nation, would you think unemployment would go down instead of up? If massive government spending worked and benefited the people, do you think you would be better off now than you were 3 years ago?

Can you see why 70% of Americans are upset and want the spending to stop?

If you think things are bad now, just wait until Finance Reform and the Obamacare “goodies” kick in after the 2012 Presidential election.


Are you aware that Obamacare raids Medicare by taking half a Trillion ($500 Billion) away from Medicare and institutes a 15-member panel of un-elected bureaucrats who will decide what Seniors can and cannot have in terms of medical care? Who is really throwing Grandma over the cliff?

Wake up and rise up people – let your voices be heard. If you’re upset about the obscene overspending that Obama has done and you aren’t better off than you were 3 years ago, get involved and stop believing the lame-stream media lies. Contact your local Tea Party and find out how to get involved.

Again, if you think things are bad now, the policies Obama has put in place are only going to make it worse as time goes on. Do your homework; read the bills!

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