One thought on “Van Jones Promo Stunt Scam?

  1. It is not possible to rebuild the Dream with Obama policies. You may get more minorities involved. The control of college loans means they can fund certain majors only and certain minorities only. Social control.
    Some say socialism negates what is human. [You make decisions and are responsible for them.] The English version of Der Spiegel mag. has an article once or twice a year about former East Germans complaining that they have to figure out which insurance to buy and other such ordinaries of daily life. With freedom, some complain that things were easier with the comomunists. Humanness is numbed out. You stop feeling responsible for yourself, looking to yourself, exercising human traits. Less social control expands human effort. What totalitarian countries get Nobel Prizes?? I think they want totalitarian/ collectivist controls. And they want our guns so they neutrtalize us.

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