Reagan – What Was He Really Like? – A Book Review

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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When I went to college in the 80s, two men were my heroes, my mentors. One of them was my Dad, Samuel W. Monroe. I miss him each and every day – he made me believe I could do anything and then had the good sense to let me struggle to achieve it myself. A leader among leaders, he was not just my Dad, he was my best friend.

The other was Ronald Reagan. A man who helped me, through his example, build a wonderful career and an incredible life. He was President during the best years I have ever had. He spoke to my heart and soul when I was very young and I thought the world of him. Because of Reagan, I became a staunch conservative and more grounded than ever in my faith. I became a fighter in business and every other area in my life. I knew that through hard work, strong ethics and determination, the world was mine to shape it the way I wanted to live in it. Ronald Reagan gave me hope and an appreciation for freedom that has been with me ever since.

In REAGAN What Was He Really Like? by Curtis Patrick, I found a wondrous reminder of why I admired and loved Reagan the way I did. Patrick was Special Assistant to then Governor Reagan and he knew Reagan in a way that few ever did or ever would. He also knew those around Reagan very, very well. Patrick spent 44 years heading task forces for Ronald Reagan. I instantly knew that I had to know what his thoughts were on the man who rocked the world with bravery and freedom.

In his book, Patrick interviews 49 of his colleagues, friends and staffers who worked with and around Reagan during his political career. Through these interviews you get a candid glimpse into the incredible ethics that Reagan possessed and insisted those around him have as well. You get to hear stories and laugh at anecdotes that are told that you just won’t get anywhere else. Curious what went on around Reagan behind the scenes? This book takes you there and more.

I simply love the book and, at least while reading it, I got a chance to go back to a happier time and reminisce a bit. And then I realized that the book was even more important as it applies to today. To the fight ahead. Trust me when I say there is NO comparison between Obama and Reagan, no matter how much Obama wishes there was. Reagan was one of the bravest and most principled men to ever reside in the White House. Obama is one of the most cowardly and craven to ever reside there – he is the polar opposite of Ronald Reagan. While Reagan was The Great Communicator, Obama is The Great Divider. History will not remember Barack Obama kindly, nor should it.

Patrick tells the story of Reagan in a one-on-one manner. He paints a picture of a man who did not feel he was above others, but instead reached out and worked towards linking arms with the common man to make things better. Using humor, he won the hearts of so many… And never did Ronald Reagan bow to others – he stood his ground and did the right thing. A concept foreign to those in power currently.

I want to thank Curtis Patrick for writing one hell of a book. It was a pleasure and an honor to read it. I certainly hope to read future books by him and he is welcome at NoisyRoom whenever he wishes to post an article. You were not only a friend to Ronald Reagan when he was alive, you are a great friend to him now. You honestly and wonderfully tell his story – a story that could help save our nation. Purchase a copy today – you’ll be profoundly glad you did.

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