One thought on “GOP Rep. Joe Walsh Compares Obama to ‘10-Year-Old‘ Who’s ‘In Over His Head’

  1. At some point we need to consider that all these Obama administration people cannot be sooo wrong so often. I think it is the intent to bring this country down. We are too independent and powerful.. How can we possibly fit in to a one world government. Need to be taken down by 2/3rd first.

    Carefully feeding polarization, kids read poorly and are brainwashed that there will be no oportunities for them, curency debauching, CDC has authorized 23 more vaccinations when Autism is at 1:110, food supply is under the DHS, in 30 years the DOE has increased our dependence on foreign oil from 30% to 70%, wars bleed us, Dept of Ed. presides over poorer ed than ever, loose imigration when 22 million Americans are out of work. No one is this stupid. They are cunning and successful.

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