Journal Entry July 1st 1776

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

This past week has been very difficult. As mentioned in previous journal entries, many of our neighbors have been forced to house British troops. We all have had to turn over much of our food stores to maintain the troops. If these insults were not sufficient to get my blood running hot, these Red Coats are going house to house in our small village confiscating anything which resembles a weapon, tools we use to gather fresh game as well as fend off those who would do us harm.

Just yesterday Lucy was forced to stand patiently at the front door to our humble quarters while Red Coats searched every nook and cranny for weapons. Fortunately they didn’t search under her overly long dress where they would have found four muskets; thank heavens for quick thinking. All our gun powder and shot has been carefully hidden away under the floor; but first thing tomorrow it will be taken to a more secure location in the thicket.

A small group met at the local pub last night after normal business hours. With the doors locked and lamps turned down low we heard rumors out of Philadelphia that armed conflict is inevitable. Cousin Richard Henry Lee has been attending those meetings, representing our interests and has assured us that every peaceable measure has been attempted up to date. According to Richard the only avenue left to the colonies is to declare our independence from British rule and the King. I fear our hardships have only begun.

Unfortunately, and perhaps to be expected, a few hot heads have taken to violence such as tossing stones at passing British troops. On Friday one soldier got bloodied and had his head bandaged after a volley of moderately sized rocks cascaded from behind a large stand of trees. As yet there have been no arrests; yet we all are considered suspect by the manner in which we are searched without cause upon entering the public square or simply walking among them.

Pastor Williams has asked the entire congregation to fast this Sunday; to pour out our hearts to the Lord that we might have His Holy Spirit help in finding His will in these matters. May our actions be compatible with the expectations of our Savior or may He grant us forgiveness in our errors.

(This is a fictional account created as a measure of respect for those who placed their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor on the line in order to secure us our independence.)

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