5 thoughts on “Tour Glenn Beck’s New Home

  1. How nice that Mr. Beck has hit the big time. I’m reminded of another character (a fictional one) with humble beginnings who finally made it big in Texas. After years in penniless alcoholic obscurity, he made more money than even he knew what do with. After building his empire consisting of an airport and hotel named in his honor, he was recognized by all of Texas with a day named in his honor. As he was about to give his speech before the multitudes, he collapsed into an alcohol-induced unconsciousness never to be heard from again.

  2. Really? What a lame reference. If you don’t care for Beck as the rest of us do, then stay away from him. Take your hate somewhere else.

  3. What, no move to Wilmington, Ohio to spend your millions there and boost the economy? Kidding of course, you can take your millions and spend them anywhere you like, just don’t preach to the rest of us about fiscal responsibility anymore.

  4. Wonder if this is Their decor? Or just pics before they moved in? Too modern for me, no warmth, no charm…but to each his own. Wish them the best.

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