ANGRY LEFTISTS Arrested After Storming Montana Capitol to Protest Oil Production

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The Billings Gazette reported:

About 70 protesters thundered into the state Capitol on Tuesday, banging on plastic pails and chanting slogans in opposition to the planned Keystone XL pipeline — slated to carry crude oil from the Alberta tar sands through Montana — and the “megaloads” of oil drilling equipment destined for Alberta.

The group pushed its way into the outer offices of Gov. Brian Schweitzer and had a brief, loud discussion with him in the governor’s reception room.

Most of the protesters left the meeting and continued the demonstration outside Schweitzer’s offices in the hallway leading from the rotunda. Five of the protesters, linked together with makeshift devices of PVC pipe wrapped in chicken wire and other materials, refused to leave and were arrested after several warnings from law enforcement officers.

Arrested and cited for obstruction of justice (because of the pipe mechanism that police said hindered enforcement) and trespassing were Dolan; Johannes Pedersen, 22, of Eugene, Ore.; Erica Gwen Dossa, 24, of Missoula; Shelby Elizabeth Cunliffe, 25, of Missoula; and Sarah Ellen Stock, 25, of Missoula.

…Adrian Guerrero of San Francisco, who said he was with Rising Tide as well as the activist group Earth First, stood on a chair and earned several rounds of loud cheers denouncing the project as an attack on the environment, on indigenous peoples and on the working class.

“We came here to this country with the idea that America be the land of freedom and prosperity and all that b—s—, but what really happened is that people like my family get shoved to the bottom of the f— barrel and that people in those offices, and their corporate lobby, can continue to destroy the environment and throw us off our land, where my father came from, peasant along the side of the f— river in the Amazon, so that we could come here and be the slave class, and then ruin the Earth up here, too,” he said, to a loud round of cheering and drumming.

Many of this ditzes were bused in. Notice the closed fist again behind the Marxists when they speak.


The Dem Nazi Dance

Soooo typical… In a fit of: “I know you are, but what am I?” we progress to the totally offensive and stupid comparison of Republicans to Nazis. It would appear the Democrat party is totally full of petulant, evil five year-olds who are dictionarily challenged.

Nice. Taxpayer-Funded Art Exhibit Compares GOP Governors to Nazis

As Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit rightfully points out, this could and should be cut out of the budget, but hey, it fills the hate quota. Nope – can’t do without that don’tcha know.

Here’s a pointer for the Progressives… The closed fist is a Marxist symbol. It’s also employed by radicals of all flavors and communists as well as socialists. The Nazis were the National Socialists. See where this is going asshats?



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OBAMA “ABRUPTLY” WALKS OUT On Republicans in Debt Talks

Ohhh! Poor baby… Obama stomps foot, throws tantrum, exits stage left and I do mean left.

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Who’s a little itty, bitty tyrant? Coochie, coo… Obama is!

Obama warns Cantor: ‘Don’t call my bluff’ in debt-limit talks

Translation: Obama to Cantor – Hey boy! Who do you think you are?