Family says company holding late veteran’s belongings

Hat Tip: Janet Meyerhoff Blaze


“Ironically this company is called ” Two men with big hearts” These douchebags need some phone calls. Please watch this story and join me in calling them and let them know how you feel….The Veterans son offered to go through his father items to find his medals and memorabilia Dad wanted to be buried with. There is still time.. His funeral is scheduled for this coming Tuesday…. Two men with big hearts moving and storage….(303) 292-9200 & (303) 751-4000″,0,6713234.story

2 thoughts on “Family says company holding late veteran’s belongings

  1. Thx for sharing Janet…..I’ve spoken with the owners this morning. Seems the phone is ringing off the hook today….Our local Veteran’s group has offered any labor assistance, and some $$ and help the kids in any way we can…” TWO MEN WITH BIG HEARTS HUH?????

  2. No problem Dave, thanks to Terresa for posting, she’s a great patriot, and this is one of the best sites to follow for the TRUTH!
    People are generally good, and I think they will come through for this family.

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