D.C. is Booming – Obama’s Government is Growing

By: AJ

A brand new 32,000 square foot administrative office for the Department of Parks and Recreation is made possible by Americans through our tax dollars. A beautiful picture of it can be found HERE, cleverly called a “Community Center,” offering some recreational space.


New four-story building, which includes recreational space and administrative offices for the Washington, DC Department of Parks and Recreation.

Sustainable elements include a reflective roof, permanent planters on the rooftop that reduce storm-water runoff and limit the need for potable water, proximity to public transportation, secure bike racks, changing facilities, and the use of low-VOC materials and dormered skylights. The exterior of the building includes a combination of curtainwall, storefront, and masonry.

Architect: Leo A. Daly

Size: 32,000 SF

Schedule: 14 months

While Obama drives our nation further into debt, it’s great to know projects like this will comfortably house the behemoth government he’s amassing.

When Obama talks about increasing “revenue,” he means increasing taxes on Americans so that he can take more of our money to pay for the things he wants.

Is Obama really helping working families and the poor? Of course not! He’s helping himself by garnishing more power and control through an ever-increasing government. You didn’t think the massive army of government bureaucrats he’s been hiring and housing with our tax dollars would just sit around without creating and enforcing more oppressive regulations for us, did you?

Calling out “Millionaires and Billionaires” is a purposeful misnomer. Obama actually says he intends to increase taxes for a family or business making just $250,000 or more per year, right? $250,000 is not $1,000,000 now is it?

What Obama’s really doing is hurting working families, the poor and small businesses. His intent is to further destroy the middle class; no doubt about that whatsoever.

Here’s an example to show you what he’s doing… Obama wants small businesses with about $250,000 in gross sales per year to pay more in taxes. Let’s say the cost of what small businesses sell and pay to their employees total about $175,000 (including operating expenses and taxes they currently have to pay). This leaves the business owner with a paltry profit (i.e. income) of only $75,000 to live on and reinvest in the business.

$75,000 is a far cry from a million dollars and the small business owner would be classified as “middle class” yet will be subjected to a tax increase if Obama gets his way. So it’s easy to see how Obama intends to hurt small businesses, not his millionaire and billionaire friends. In this example you can clearly see that Obama will leave this owner with less than $75,000 a year for his family and business by taking more of it from him through a tax increase.

Increasing taxes to raise government “revenue” gives Obama more of our money to spend… and D.C. is booming as he spends our money growing government, not helping working families or the poor.

“Millionaires and Billionaires” is a cool phrase when you’re looking to play the Marxist class warfare card to rile your base of useful idiots and uneducated liberals.

So the next time a misguided Democrat tells you that Obama is helping the people, show them what he’s really doing.

Here are a few more government construction projects undertaken since Obama’s reign:

This program includes the construction of 4 Public Libraries for Washington, D.C. Public Libraries. The new branch libraries are intended to set a new level of excellence for District libraries and will provide library users with easy access to the desired material and technology, while also focusing on sustainability. D.C. Public Libraries hopes these new libraries will symbolically celebrate the important values of knowledge, learning, community, diversity, and sustainability.

Each of the libraries will be approximately 20,000 square feet in size, and each must be certified as LEED Silver.

While Americans suffer with high gas prices, rising food prices, high unemployment and further deterioration of the housing market, D.C. is booming as Obama grows government through massive spending – and expands his oppressive reach into every aspect of our lives.

Should Obama stop spending, or should we continue to feed the beast until our freedoms are extinguished through Obama’s fundamental transformation of America?

Homelessness in Sacramento: Sacramento Tent City Fills Up With The Newly Jobless And Homeless
Photo: GETTY

“More people are on food stamps. The middle class is quickly being destroyed. America is turning into a 3rd world country. Famine will come and the jobless rate will rise to 1 million/month by mid 2009.”




FDR’s Infamous Court-Packing Scheme

by Jacob G. Hornberger

Among the things that pro-New Deal advocates hardly ever bring up is one of the most shameful acts by a president in U.S. history. That’s the infamous “court-packing” scheme that President Franklin Roosevelt proposed when the Supreme Court was declaring much of his New Deal unconstitutional.

Not only was the philosophy of the New Deal, with its elements of socialism and fascism, alien to the principles of liberty and free markets on which our nation was founded, it was also in violation of the principles of limited government established by the Framers in the Constitution. That was why the Supreme Court was declaring much of the New Deal unconstitutional

There were four justices leading the way toward declaring New Deal programs unconstitutional: Sutherland, Van Devanter, Butler, and McReynolds. They became known as the Four Horsemen. Sometimes, the decisions declaring a New Deal program were 5-4, with a justice named Owen Roberts joining the Four Horsemen.

Roosevelt had an option that he could have pursued to circumvent the Supreme Court, one that the Constitution itself provided. To achieve the economic revolution that he sought, he could have pursued an amendment to the Constitution, one in which he formally asked the American people to reject the free-market way of life on which the U.S. had been founded and to accept a socialist and interventionist economic system.

Instead, he deceitfully led the American people into believing that this new economic system would actually “save” freedom and free markets, despite the fact that its welfare-state and regulatory principles were directly contrary to those of a free-enterprise system, that is a system free of government control and interference.

Even worse, once he realized that the Supreme Court was interfering with his plans by simply doing its job, he proposed his infamous plan in which he sought to pack the Supreme Court with his judicial cronies, so as to have the necessary votes to sustain the constitutionality of his programs.

Here’s how FDR’s plan was going to work. For every justice over the age of 70, Roosevelt would be able to appoint an additional justice. He had calculated that given the ages of the sitting justices, his plan would give him the necessary votes he needed to get his program sustained.

Roosevelt claimed that the reason he was proposing his plan was simply to relieve the workload of the Supreme Court. It was just more deceit, which was exposed when the Chief Justice of the United States showed that the Court was up-to-date with all its cases.

To the everlasting credit of the American people, they raised a tremendous uproar and protest against the plan. By and large, Americans realized that Roosevelt was altering America’s economic system in fundamental ways. After all, they lived in a country in which people had lived for more than 125 years with the right to accumulate unlimited amounts of wealth and to do whatever they wanted with it—and in a country in which economic activity was, by and large, free of government control.

But given the Great Depression, many Americans were willing to let Roosevelt get away with his new-fangled economic system. Not so, however, with the judicial system that the Framers had established with the Constitution. Americans refused to let FDR go that far, and their outcry against his court-packing scheme caused Congress to overwhelming defeat it.

Roosevelt, however, ended up winning the war. Soon after his court-packing scheme went down to defeat, Justice Roberts voted with the other side in the watershed case of West Coast Hotel vs. Parrish in 1937. From day that forward, the Supreme Court would never again declare any of Roosevelt’s economic programs unconstitutional, especially once the Four Horsemen began retiring from the bench and being replaced with pro-New Deal justices.

While Roberts always claimed that he had not switched his vote in response to Roosevelt’s court-packing scheme, his vote became known in judicial annals as the “switch in time that saved nine.”

Unlike the legislative branch, which oftentimes responds to popular will, the role of the judicial branch is different. Its job is simply to place legislation against the Constitution and determine whether the two are consistent, regardless of whether the legislation is popular among the masses or not. If it isn’t constitutional, then it is the job of the Court to so declare it. With his court-packing scheme, Roosevelt tried to tamper with that system. While the scheme failed in the short run, Roosevelt got his way in the long run.


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Our Sympathy and Prayers are with the People of Norway

NoisyRoom joins with The Radio Patriot, New Zeal and Gulag Bound in conveying our sympathies to Norway. Our prayers are with you and may you find comfort and solace somewhere in this tragic set of terror attacks. We stand with the Norwegians and condemn those who would carry out such atrocities.

By: Andrea Shea King
The Radio Patriot

Today we are all Norwegians

As we sit here watching the Norwegian people reacting to the heinous attack on their fellow citizens, our hearts go out to them. The memory of 9-11 is still fresh in our hearts, so we know how they are feeling and grieving today. And we grieve with them.

My producer Dave Logan and I have sent a message to the US Ambassador to Norway on behalf of The Andrea Shea King Radio Show, offering our heartfelt sympathy and prayers.

If you’d like to do the same, here’s the email address for Amb. Wegger Chr. Strommen:

[email protected]