In Loving Memory of Ralph Hamilton

My father-in-law, Ralph Hamilton, passed away today in his sleep. My husband Garry will be writing something to post for his Dad later. Ralph’s health declined precipitously in the last couple of days. He went quietly earlier today in the easiest way you can. For that we are grateful. Ralph was 91. Lucid and brilliant to the end. I will miss my friend.

Years ago, we worked together briefly and he was a joy to be around. Very, very smart and he had a sharp sense of humor that I loved.

He is survived by 3 sons and a daughter. His wife Starr went long before him and I am sure is welcoming him home. I hear it’s getting crowded where our loved ones are. We’ll see them again. Ralph lived and died on his own terms.

For now, goodbye Ralph. We all loved you so very much my friend. Our loss is heaven’s gain.

3 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Ralph Hamilton

  1. Thank you NAJ and A and everyone else. Ralph has gone home and we are adjusting. Our love will always be with him.

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