Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques

We owe them thanks and gratitude. They are heroes. They are patriots. They are Americans.

Speaker John Boehner pushed his debt-ceiling bill through the House Friday night with the support of 218 Republicans. Here are the 22 no votes:

  • Justin Amash (Michigan)
  • Michele Bachmann (Minnesota)
  • Chip Cravaack (Minnesota)
  • Jason Chaffetz (Utah)
  • Scott Desjarlais (Tennessee)
  • Tom Graves (Georgia)
  • Tim Huelskamp (Kansas)
  • Steve King (Iowa)
  • Tim Johnson (Illinois)
  • Tom McClintock (California)
  • Mick Mulvaney (South Carolina)
  • Ron Paul (Texas)
  • Connie Mack (Florida)
  • Jim Jordan (Ohio)
  • Tim Scott (South Carolina)
  • Paul Broun (Georgia)
  • Tom Latham (Iowa)
  • Jeff Duncan (South Carolina)
  • Trey Gowdy (South Carolina)
  • Steve Southerland (Florida)
  • Joe Walsh (Illinois)
  • Joe Wilson (South Carolina)

Why am I not surprised at the list of names? These people are my heroes. They stood when it mattered. They held the line.

The no votes: 22 GOPers who balked Boehner