2 thoughts on “Should Poor People Get Free Cell Phones?

  1. Shocking, but maybe not. Now I understand why so many people I’ve seen in 3rd world countries seem to have their own cell phones. These companies, international companies, must have been providing these people with free cell phones while we in the West have been unknowingly paying for them for years now. Sounds like wealth re-distribution to me. Part of some deeply buried UN program? Connected in ways we’ve yet to unearth in Agenda 21? Yes. Clearly part of the NWO, OWG Socialist/totalitarian plan to re-distribute wealth from the 1st world to the 3rd world, lowering our living standards to bring everyone, everywhere to the same level. Shocking. Wake up people. After a certain point, it will be very, very hard to stop this peacefully.

  2. PS: I know I mentioned the 3rd World in my comment above, but I also mean that they are re-distributing the wealth to people in Western nations who are of low income. It’s still part and parcel of wealth re-distribution.

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